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    Is Killzone 2 the bestgame ever?

    As Clinton said, there is no "Best Game Ever". It's all very much up to each person. I'd like to think that Shadow of the Colossus is one of the better ones though :naughty: And personally (if we're talking about FPS's only), it's one of the better FPS games in a years. I like it a lot...
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    Site Inconsistent

    You're not alone. I'm experiencing the same error. It's sometimes down several times a day, which is far more than before (before the move).. It's really annoying, because it not only leaves the site down for that time, but it also requires every user to log in once again after every downtime...
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    Is Lotus down again?

    Yea, it's down for me too. Hopefully it will be up again soon..
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    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    Finally started working for me now :) But the main page is still giving me that error. But not if i type in index.php manually. I did clear the cookies and all in FireFox, but it doesn't work. And other members are also experiencing the same thing.. (Some for other pages) Any clue how to fix it?
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    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    I cleared my cookies, and even tried to go to pages that I haven't been in for weeks, and it still just prompts me to download any .php file. Same for every user that I've talked to on MSN. (I'm on Lotus by the way) Edit: Finally got a reply on my Support Ticket, and apparently they are still...
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    hyperlinks download the file rather than displaying it though the browser.

    A moderator locked the other topic and said that the issue was resolved. And unless it's just me still having the exact same error, it is not. (And no answer to my support ticket)
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    Websites downloading files? Read this!

    Thanks for the heads up. Damn this is annoying. Hope it gets fixed soon..
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    Latest Updates

    Just started getting a 500 Internal Server Error.. And I was hoping all the problems were over with for a while :( Edit: Seems to work now.. Edit 2: And now the error is back again..
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    Updates, including rollbacks \ Apache success

    The Apache success page went away for me earlier today and it all seems to be working. Is it safe to "go public" with my site now, or does more stuff still needs fixing, so there could be another downtime soon?
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    Updates, including rollbacks \ Apache success

    Yea, you're not alone. I'm still getting it as well. Hope it won't take too long..
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    Help with domainname please

    Ok, great news. I was a little confused at first since my site shows if I go to the 'correct' address. But hopefully it'll be fixed soon and I can go live with the site. Thanks for the heads up :)
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    Help with domainname please

    I really need some help with my domainname. Here's what I set it to: Dynamic: Yes Type: A Target: Then, in the cPanel here, I added the domainname without changing anything. But, since last night, it hasn't changed. It just takes me to a cPanel page that says: "Great...
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    Free domain

    Re: Get a free domain name. Sorry for this noobish question, but if I buy a domainname, can i redirect it to the hosting here at x10? So if i get '', will every filename be adapted to that. so becomes automatically? Or does...
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    Files Missing

    Same thing for me, but I hope it stays as it is now, because I've already done all the fixes, and then some.. I'd hate to do it again, for the second time ;)
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    Latest Updates

    Just a question: Will the max number of connected FTP users be increased once the update is finished? Or does the update have to do with the large amount of users? It's constantly hitting that limit it seems like.. ( 421 50 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry )
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    Latest Updates

    Good news. Thanks :) And merry christmas..
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    Lotus.x10 Down?

    My site that is hosted on Lotus has not worked for several hours as well..
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    Changes \ Information

    At first I thought there was something wrong with my site. So I'm glad to find out it's not just me affected. Anyways, good luck with the updates, hope it'll move along smoothly..
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    Lotus Transfer

    Same here. Can't be long till everyone's back online..
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    Lotus Transfer

    Same here, I thought there was something wrong with my FTP program last night. It's good to see that it was not, and that we'll be going to a better server. Hope it wont take too long.. I'm already getting abstinence ;)