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  1. lhyman

    My SQL and PHP

    you should really post your script here so we can have a look....
  2. lhyman

    Testing Paypal integration

    I wrote this for SMF but I see no reason that it will not work with any PHP page.. Have a look at the whole topic here:
  3. lhyman

    Need a way to create a simple page list in Word Press...

    Did you try looking at any of the DHTML menus from dynamic drive?
  4. lhyman

    check out my web site

    since everybody is asking, I'll ask too... Thanks
  5. lhyman

    Programs you use to manage your site...

    Since every account here has Front page server extensions turned on by default, I use Microsoft Share point Designer, which you can now download for free here:
  6. lhyman

    Windows xp sp3 won't load

    A few suggestions: 1) OS won't load and you get a black screen, try to make sure you have nothing plugged into any of your usb ports 2) Blue Screen of Death and a fast reboot, two things that I know of that can cause this: hardware failure or you just installed something that has changed a...
  7. lhyman

    Another day, another Facebook scam

    Ever since I started using GMAIL as my main email address, I have never ever got any spam or scam emails. Sure I still have my ISP provided email address, but I only use that for them to send me notifications.... I hope this helps somebody...
  8. lhyman

    Windows 7 Installation Help

    (after you checked your usb ports to make sure nothing is plugged into any of them) If it's a bare hard drive, you could try installing vista, then once vista is up and running, insert the win 7 dvd and try doing the install.... see if that works
  9. lhyman

    Reseller Program

    I would like to know if the reseller program is still open. If so, what is the link to get new banners? Thanks
  10. lhyman

    Ajax Captcha

    See Here:
  11. lhyman

    Server Load

    First of all, i use SMF and I don't have any problems: A few things you can try: 1) turn off gzip compresion if you have it on 2) try turning off the dynamic clock at the bottom right of the forums screen 3) open a support ticket and ask them why your forums has a high server load...
  12. lhyman

    Some Facts about Coffee

    I recently started doing a contract for a coffee company. We import raw beans and roast them, we sell so many different blends of coffee, plus coffee machines and everything you need to do a coffee service in a restaurant or hotel. We have one giant machine running all the time. It's the...
  13. lhyman

    Please help!

    press the ftp icon in the cpanel you should see some info. to download raw access log, take a look it should tell you the ftp host name, in my case it's: or look in the main cpanel, find out the server your are on, in my case:stoli so the host would be...
  14. lhyman

    Please help!

    Please log into your CPANEL and have a good look: This example is my stuff: Main Domain Home Directory /home/lhyman Last login from Disk Space Usage 128.84/500 MB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 0.37/10000 MB Email Accounts 2/5 Subdomains...
  15. lhyman

    No more time

    Now that summer is over (here in Montreal Canada) .... I have started a very big contract at work and the kids are back in school... when I get home from work I have to cook and do chores (now that my wife is sick)... Then I only have time to watch TV for about an hour (whats the point of...
  16. lhyman

    I found a wonderful free formail script

    This is amazing ! Started using this at work and I find it great with nice support too !
  17. lhyman

    Forum Skin\Theme

    why not install a few and give us an option to change the skin?
  18. lhyman

    Anybody use phpWebsite?

    I use SMF, it has a calender module and it uses almost no system resources:
  19. lhyman

    IE6 Styling Help

    have a look here:
  20. lhyman

    how to publish files

    upload to /public_html it is your document home