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  1. toonshorty

    Are you having any of these issues? Read before posting

    Recently there have been many posts about 'Cant login' and 'Site aint working!' and all that... If you are experiencing any of the following issues... SSL-Explorer login page insted of homepage Cannot log in to cPanel Errors with FTP Files appear missing/deleted Recive a cPanel + apache message...
  2. toonshorty

    Block all access to server until maintenece is over

    I think that if you totally block access to the server until you compleate the maintenence. I mean, allowing access to a broken server under maintenece must just add more strain. Think of it like this. There is a very busy road used by many many people, there is lots of roadworks around, but...
  3. toonshorty

    Cant add/remove databases?

    Hi, I can no longer add/remove databases and its all glitched... I have a forum with the database 'forum' I created a database called 'sts' and removed one called 'Battle' a while ago... but the Database menu is glitched, take a look for yourself... I cannot add/remove any of the...
  4. toonshorty

    Very odd error...

    Hi, when i visit my homepage ( the homepage works fine, but if I try the forums i get this error It is an odd issue because I can access the homepage but not the forums!? Absolut Server Status: Server Load 0.46...
  5. toonshorty

    Internal Server Error - Read Before Posting Help

    websites of the absolut server are currently down with an Internal Server Error... This is a brief explanation... Recently Corey and the other staff have been having problems with the servers and Apache HTTP is down... Most Forums require Apache to be enabled so until you post that your...
  6. toonshorty

    Rate my new sig

    Hi, Please comment and rate my new sig... if you dont like please give pointers thanks, - toonshorty
  7. toonshorty

    RenderGFX - Graphics Forum

    Hi, I have very recently setup a forum called rendergfx... we have many things such as an image showroom to show of you images... an image tutorial section where you can read or make tutorials to help others... we also have a brushes section that soon will have 1000's of links to different...
  8. toonshorty


    Hi, I recently noticed that my forum now has an message that "eval()" script is blocked... so I requested an upgrade to intermediate... I am now on intermediate and i still get the message "eval()" is blocked... do I need to wait for the new php version to get through to the forums or...
  9. toonshorty


    what are the settings for the email for outlook 2007 (should be the same as 2003) because i am using the settings from the manual install and I get the message... "Send test e-mail message: The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server...
  10. toonshorty

    Allow 404

    Can we make our own custom "error 404" pages... If we can could you please tell me how... If we can't then could you please allow us to have custom 404 pages... thanks, - toonshorty
  11. toonshorty

    Exofire server down?...

    Is the exofire server down? because when i go onto (my website) it says... I cant access my site? is this because the Exofire Server is down? sorry if this is the wrong section... I cant find a hosting help section - toonshorty Edit: hmm...
  12. toonshorty

    I Will setup SMF

    For those who want a forum I can install you SMF 1.1.3... I will decide credits later... I will set you up an account with a subdomain to... visit to see the kind of stuff I can make! I need credits! thanks, - toonshorty
  13. toonshorty


    Help! I cant get onto my website?! my untouched homepage... doesnt work... nor do my forums could some one please help, thanks
  14. toonshorty

    I Would like to be able to...

    Never mind... got it working