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  1. eddysweb

    PS3 Or XBOX 360

    They both have their pros and cons.. The XBOX 360: *great UI *Good Selection of games *Weird controller but easy to get used to *Not full HD (576) *DVD/HD-DVD(died out) player *Cheaper The PS3: *Fantastic graphics...
  2. eddysweb

    /var offline for weeks

    hey according to my server status in cpanel my /var has been ofline before the start of the month, this is a massive problem for me as my site uses login at the homepage. The reason i am on x10 is because i like the site, i like the forums but if my site can't connect to mysql or even use...
  3. eddysweb

    /var error!

    hey i may and probably missed an announcment but on my site, the /dev/sdb2 (/var) sever is down alot like most of the time. This stops me from using variables in PHP and connecting to MySQL database :( can someone please tell me what is going on??! thx, eddy
  4. eddysweb

    Design me an avatar

    hey, you have read this and now you have the honor of designing me an avatar... lol i'll pay 40 credits to the best design or anything i really like. Text to include: Eddy Picture to include: Part of this image and it must work on these forums... (size and dimensions wise) what i want...
  5. eddysweb

    Flash and Forms

    hey guys i have a little bit of a problem here, see i have a web form, you no the one, standard <form> with input boxes all that stuff, anyway i want the submit button to be a flash button, i think it can be done but i don't know anyone with enough flash knowledge to help me. So any help would...
  6. eddysweb

    Eval()'d error

    I get this error recently when i go onto my phpbb forum. Can anyone please help me?? Edit: lol, don't worry, i fixed it
  7. eddysweb


    hey guys i have quiet a problem for anyone who wants a shot at it. On one of my sites, i have a members login that is linked to a phpbb forum, meaning that it checks the username and passwords with the phpbb mysql database. This is great cause i can use the forum as a control panel for users...
  8. eddysweb

    Help Plz

    hey, i don't no if just a temporary thing and if it's all the site or if its just mine but i think it's just mine and i don't know why but it's not working. I can't connect to it, like it's been deleted or something. Could an admin please look into. login was eddysweb. Thx
  9. eddysweb

    Help Me Plz

    i got my site today and i already had the file writen cause i switched servers. Anyways i uploaded all the files to this site and all is good until it was time to ad the ads that you must have on your site. I added the code into the page but the only problem is that is doesn't show up on the...