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  1. mysticfirez

    Photoshop CS

    Where can I download the copy of Photoshop CS without the trial limit. My trial copy just expired and I don't know what to do? Where can I get it from?
  2. mysticfirez

    css file permissions

    I'm having a trouble finding which permissions must I use for my css file. Can you people tell me which option is the best? 777? 555? or any others?
  3. mysticfirez


    How do I install cutenews on x10hosting? I read the readme file and downloaded smartftp like it said but can't use the chmod option. Don't really know why. But, I can what is the path and domain name needed? If you can, post with screenshots please. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks in...
  4. mysticfirez

    Harvest Moon Valley

    Description: Harvest Mon Valley is a simple Harvest Moon community bringing you extensive info on Harvest Moon related stuff. We're planning on lots of activities for people to do, which will take some time. Arriving in early Spring. The Staff: Administrator: Mystic Staff Needed Vacancies...
  5. mysticfirez

    My site

    Yeah. I know this is odd. But, I'm making a site on Harvest Moon. Childish, yes but still fun. Don't laugh at me. By the way, before I open the site, could you all rate the layout of my site: [Picture at the attachment file]
  6. mysticfirez

    Form URL

    Where do I send my forms to, here in x10hosting? To which URL?
  7. mysticfirez


    Hey there. My name's mystic in short and I'm 14 years old. I joined this site couple of days ago. So, greetings everybody. Hope I can blend in with your nice community. :drool:
  8. mysticfirez


    How do I get an index page if I don't even know my page's URL? Can someone tell me how to do so?