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  1. David_Tiger

    My Cpanel temporarily suspended ?

    I tried to login on my cpanel to create a new subdomain for a new site i will be creating and i get this message? I managed to login two minutes before hand, and when I deleted an unused subdomain, it took a while to load and then this message had came up. Does this mean I have too much on the...
  2. David_Tiger

    Computer Debate

    Well with 6GB RAM and 2+GB or graphics memory i hadent noticed any difference in DX10 slowing games, for example Crysis on Vista with DX10 and all setting set to highest i could achieve Frame rates from 16 upto 60. Now with XP DX9 I achieve Frame Rates around the same although without the DX10...
  3. David_Tiger

    Computer Debate

    No i have Windows XP Professional 64bit which supports upto 128GB for supported Motherboards which handle this amount. Source:
  4. David_Tiger

    Happy Birthday Brandon!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!! only 4 month till my 16th WOO cant wait lol, even though i know what i get already :(
  5. David_Tiger

    Computer Debate

    Yep, if u buy a manufactured PC with what you want in it, it would maybe cost upto 3x more if u build yourself. i spend just under $1400 and got as follows Motherboard: Asrock NF5-SLI-1394 PSU: 600w CPU: AMD Athon X2 64 6000+ @ 3.5GHz (OCC from 3.1GHz) RAM: 6GB (PC-5300) Case: Trensonic Wizard...
  6. David_Tiger

    Check out my pc!

    To be honest its a P4 @ just under 2GHz with 1GB RAM yer the monitor and 7.1 Sound card will boost the price a little but HDD is a little small for average users, I would say roughly around what GG-Xtreme said but around $215 without monitor and $400-$450 with monitor :D my opinion but just...
  7. David_Tiger

    Congratuations Corey!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY We all love you (in a nice friendly way :biggthump) Keep up the great awsome work and long live X10 best free/paid hosting company on the interent :bowhs: Have a Great Day -Tiger :cool:
  8. David_Tiger

    game: kill the above user

    I go to the mueseum and find the 1st ever mobile phone and drop it on alexandgruntz head from a crane as the battery was like a trucks :D
  9. David_Tiger

    PC Specs

    Ok, yes I am 15, although i do have a lot of money my parents do buy me the good things :D Although i just spent over £3000 on a new mountain bike I have as follows \/ --Desktop PC-- Motherboard -- Asrock NF5-SLI-1394 Processor -- AMD Dual core Athlon64 x2 +6000 overclocked to 3.7GHz RAM -- 6GB...
  10. David_Tiger

    What type of speaker you have?

    :D I had a pair of old dell ones before the surround ;), they were actually quite loud but much better loudness and quality from 5 speakers....
  11. David_Tiger

    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    Yes well on my PC i have over 6 fans including a 30cm side case fan, i leave my PC on all day and off all night. My idle CPU/Cores temperature is around 20°C with the graphics card idling about 30-35°C.... When i play crysis for a few good solid hours it can reach up to 80°C, but when i come...
  12. David_Tiger

    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    Well when things get hot they expand (get bigger) and as they cool they would contract (smaller), although you dont actually notice it but each time you turn it off they cool, then few hours later you turn it back on, causing them to heat up, few hours later you turn off again....... and so...
  13. David_Tiger

    Would You....

    yes, well i still need to reduce the price on them but they will be £0.50 ($0.98) and offering percentage to people who help me seel them from there personal sites, Although this is trance and i make it and (kind of) like it, I am a huge metal head, Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed etc etc ;)
  14. David_Tiger

    Would You....

    ok, as of in about 10 minutes the price will drop to £0.50 a song Would like for some members to purchase a few :D I will offer 15% from each sale(purchased via your website), If you help sell these from your website :D (Must have paypal)
  15. David_Tiger

    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    I am going to buy the double bandwidth and space, just so you know in advance :D EDIT: 1 query what password do i put in with my e-mail
  16. David_Tiger

    100 credits

    ok, here it is upto Q19 only another (only 28 to go :D) ...attached to post... -Tiger
  17. David_Tiger

    100 credits

    Yes, thanks. In Q15 the image. will you be able to get this yourself or shall i extract them as well as the text? -Tiger
  18. David_Tiger

    100 credits

    Hi, again. It is getting late here and might not be finished tonight, is this very urgent or will i be able to carry it over untill tommorow, Also now that i read it, (I do understand it all as i know it mostly after over 6 years of Chemistry Biology and Physics,) there is less mistakes as i...
  19. David_Tiger

    100 credits

    sure, if i am not too busy. about spelling mistakes, I am sure you could be able to correct them :D
  20. David_Tiger

    100 credits

    thanks, I have it. I'll post back when done. You may pay when you recieve them back. EDIT: may be a few small spelling errors as its a little trouble at parts to read.. :D