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  1. xthatech

    New to The Board

    welcome to x10!
  2. xthatech

    Which Is Your Favourite Web Browser?

    i like mozilla. they are great in making addons that some browser does'nt have. Lightning speed when it comes to browsing web.
  3. xthatech

    X10hosting the Best!

    yup i also recommend this hosting provider to my friend, for just a short period of time i used your hosting i very much appreciated it because there is no interruption or server downtime. thumbsup for x10hosting site :wink:
  4. xthatech

    10 reasons why you love x10

    i like x10hosting because its free, unlmtd and it has fast server. thumbsup !
  5. xthatech

    Windows 8 in 2012?

    they are releasing new os at the very short period of time? i dont think this will work as we can see some company brand of laptop and desktops computers are struggling to update their database for driver support.
  6. xthatech

    New Contact page! How do I apply style to a the response pages?

    why my script for contact is not working? is there something wrong with my code? or mail server? when im trying to send mail the admin email doesnt receive any message?. :(
  7. xthatech

    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    i only have ps1 and gameboy advance.. kinda old stuffs though i often to use my laptop as my gaming console :D
  8. xthatech

    nulled scripts

    yup likewise here, i know theres a lot of nulled script around the web, but as much as possible dont use them because some nulled script was bunch with callback script :rolleyes:
  9. xthatech

    Guess Who Posts Next

    will it be brandon?