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  1. vishal

    inactivity question

    Please read this if you had any queries about Inactivity Suspension
  2. vishal

    Request for unsuspension

    I had Un suspended your account.You were suspended for inactivity. it is a requirement that you login to the x10Hosting Portal once every month to keep your account active
  3. vishal

    Cutenews & High Resource Usage

    Some scripts will be poorly written that it uses more resources.So testing all such scripts may Suspend you again for High Resource usage.
  4. vishal

    Delete account

    Your account is set for Termination.
  5. vishal

    SSH login

    No ,we don't allow SSH for Free Hosting.
  6. vishal


    Your account is not Suspended.You can login to your Cpanel and upload your files to public_html folder
  7. vishal

    Films, videos and music

    It doesn't matter whether its Premium or Free Hosting.If you are found with Copyright Infringement and Illegal Material your account will be Permanently Suspended.
  8. vishal

    PHP Configuration to Intermediate

    Thread Closed
  9. vishal

    Ftp server and user anme

    Refer this
  10. vishal

    permissions error

    Set your permissions to 755 for directories ,Files should be 644 . For your main domain double check your index file.You should replace with your index.php or index.html file.
  11. vishal

    Name server

    Yes its,
  12. vishal

    account suspended

    Currently your account is un suspended.
  13. vishal

    Suspended, please resolve.

    You had Violated our TOS.Your Suspension is Permanent and your account will be terminated automatically.
  14. vishal

    Forwarding to my space

    You have to park your domain in your Cpanel.Your account is not showing any such kind of information.Also double check your name server configuration.Once you had done it may take some time upto 24 hrs for nameserver propagation
  15. vishal

    Please Delete my hosting account

    Your account will be removed after 14 days.
  16. vishal

    ip of nameserver of -
  17. vishal

    Unsuspend me pls.

    Currently your account is un suspended.
  18. vishal

    Hosting Account Suspension

    I had un suspended your account.Check your plugins.Poorly written codes are the main cause.
  19. vishal

    i cant login to my hosting sector

    There is no hosting account linked with your forum account .Seems terminated.Again to verify can you post your Cpanel username.
  20. vishal

    server change

    If you are talking about changing to another X10 server then we don't allow it.