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  1. allen92

    Please review my site [snip]

    It would be helpful if it was made public the purpose of your forum.
  2. allen92

    Review Miner (

    You need to to change your link targets to something like this: <link rel="parent" href="demo.htm" target="_self" /> Instead of: <link rel="parent" href="demo.htm" target="_blank" /> Doing so will prevent your menu items from loading in a new tab/window ever time a user clicks on it (Very annoying).
  3. allen92, Please Rate!!!

    Thanks guys, good suggestions. The ads are there because I am a partner of the company, I also am a user of their services, maybe I could move the ads to another page. But then what would put in its place???? Hmmmm???:rolleyes:
  4. allen92 A robotics community

    Nothin is there???
  5. allen92, Please Rate!!!

    Hey guys!!! I'm a freelance web developer from Chicago. Its been awhile since I posted on this forum, I'm glad to be back!!! Since I've been gone, I've made a bunch of changes to my site. Please give your honest opinions on it. URL: P.S. If anyone's interested in a...
  6. allen92

    Gettting a forum on your website?

    QUICK FIX: If you are using an CMS like Joomla or Drupal you can include your forum in an iframe.
  7. allen92

    free domain name

    As far as the x10 domains(ex., you can only have one. For the "terms of service" state that you can have only one account, hence one x10 domain (ex.
  8. allen92

    I am new. Thanks to X10 Hosting team..

    As it seems you are new to web developing, I would recommend that you tryout an CMS like Joomla or Drupal(Get them at: and For that matter you may want to try Kompozer, which is available at It's a software that allows you to create...
  9. allen92

    Post Your Desktop

    I already did an thread like this in "forum games". Why make an similar thread?
  10. allen92

    Great site for forum administrators!

    I can't recommend this site enough: If you register please let them know that user "allen92" referred you, thanks. Get more info on this site at this post here:
  11. allen92

    Exellent site for forum administrators.

    OK you got an forum, right? Now of course you want traffic, and not only traffic but revelent traffic, right? It's hard getting starting when you administer a forum. But this site can help: It has really helped me. It's one of those "one-of-a-kind-find" websites. You'll...
  12. allen92

    FREE Traffic? The Honest How-To Guide

    Quite a helpful list. Will certainly use tips, they make a lot of sense.
  13. allen92

    Free traffic, easy and simple!

    Get free traffic and free banner space. No exchange link required! Just follow instructions, simple and satisfying. Find out more at this post:
  14. allen92

    Hey Tech, Software, and Game Sites! Free Ad Space!

    I'm pretty sure that there are some tech sites out their that could use some FREE traffic. Well that's were I come in, now I'm not doing anything special, just common SEO. That said here's how I can help you, the first person to post five meaningful posts on my site forum at...
  15. allen92

    List of extremely helpful sites for web designers.

    Thanks again, zen-r!
  16. allen92

    Show your desktop game. You can win credits!

    OK, I've seen this game before in other forums and I thought it might be fun. It's called "Show Your Desktop". It works like this: you upload and post a photo of your desktop, if somebody thinks your desktop is cool they can add to your reputation or give you one credit. You on the the other...
  17. allen92

    30 credits to register

    I registered as allen92. You don't have to give me any credits, just visit my site. ( Register if you find the site useful.
  18. allen92

    Why can't some people think for themselves?

    I think it boils down the fact that this is a sign of the times. Sadly, our modern society has encouraged laziness. Case in point(some might sat this is extreme,but it is not)at one time you couldn't buy fresh bread, you had to make it. There was no such thing as pre-cut bread! If you asked for...
  19. allen92

    Link Exchange Request with many theme

    I have an Free Help Desk and tech talk website. I would be interested in a link exchange with your internet marketing website. PM me if you are interested. You can also contact me here:
  20. allen92

    What CMS do you suggest?

    Joomla in my book is King but I recently have been playing around with Drupal. It's nice, but not as nice as Joomla. Joomla gives you so many more options!