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  1. chrguico

    500 Internal Server Error

    I think the staffs should do something about this. And also cpanel was unable to load its feature when I login to it.
  2. chrguico

    my site has been constantly going down

    my site too was down and I got 500 internal server error something like that. It seems that sometimes I can access it fast sometimes its slow then now its down.? would it be better if I get a premium plan to get rid of these problems, or does premium plans experiencing too this problems?
  3. chrguico

    error: Error from park wrapper:

    Well the domain that I'm having the problem and I really want to park is, then the other domains that are still showing on my File Manager directory Selection are note* is my main domain name. then the other domains are the...
  4. chrguico

    error: Error from park wrapper:

    I always get this problem when I try to add a park domain that I recently deleted cause for some technical reasons. I searched google for some possible solutions but I think its on the the admin side to do this fix. I'm a newbie in these terms and here's what I got from google. I think this...
  5. chrguico

    i am unable to access my site

    I've been able to access my site but it loads slow and sometimes its down.. Is there really something wrong with the server and also still the login attempt problem on cpanel login url? Its fast on my first days of using my account but now its really like crap to navigate so slow on the pages of...
  6. chrguico

    How to login to cpanel

    Oh! thanks a lot. just knowing someone's working on this makes me feel at ease.:D Currently the problems are: Login Attempt Failed on cPanel login link and Slow loading of the sites which I think lots of Free Hosting Account users are experiencing with. (with some Database connection...
  7. chrguico

    How to login to cpanel

    GUIDE : How to login to cPanel GUIDE ON HOW TO LOGIN TO YOUR CPANEL: To stop repeated threads about logging into Cpanel, I will post what do I do access my cPanel. First click this link login to it then navigate on Hosting at the top of your page, then...
  8. chrguico

    Can not login to Cpanel

    Yeah same for me too and I think its a glitch on the logging in feature of the cPanel, although I still manage to login on it by logging to my client account management panel, then navigating on Hosting and click the Login to cPanel.
  9. chrguico

    Database Error?

    My blog site is now okay. however.. I still got problems on cPanel yeah it alway shows login attempt failed.. anyway I think I figured out how to fix this problem without logging in through CPanel url. If it shows login attemt failed! when you login using the Cpanel URL, click the...
  10. chrguico

    Database Connection Error?

    My site suddenly stops and shows database connection error? Am I the only one experiencing this problem or there's something wrong with at the moment?
  11. chrguico

    Database Error?

    My site stop showing and it says database connection error. Is there a problem with at the moment or I'm the only one experiencing this problem?
  12. chrguico

    Domain Name Propagation

    My site still shows the x10hosting page when I browse it. I have configured it to free domain name, set the nameservers to and a couple of hours a go but still I can't navigate to my site. Just want to know if there's something wrong with the...
  13. chrguico

    how many visitor per day

    that's cool If anyone cares to answer me, I just want to know how many hours before my site turns live on the net, I have set up the nameservers on account to and
  14. chrguico

    I'm also new here!

    Name: Chris Guico Country: Philippines Age: 20 Nothing more to say, I'm just a new IM seeking ways to create a steady source of income online. Created a free account. Nice to meet ya all. If anyone cares to answer, how long does it takes for my site to be reflected on my .tk domain? I...
  15. chrguico

    x10hosting is the best that i can find!

    Yeah I really like this site. Its really fast and reliable. I'm thinking of upgrading my account soon. :D