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    I am going to go ahead and throw in my two cents with the hope that others will read this thread and take notice. One of the ways that x10Hosting provides superior and reliable service is by establishing reasonable limitations and rules and then actively seeking out and dealing with account...
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    Howdy! Welcome to x10Hosting! You will find many helpful and knowledgeable folks here who will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. You will find virtual free donuts and virtual free coffee in the virtual welcome center which is adjacent to the virtual lobby in the virtual main...
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    Hi Everyone :D

    Howdy! If you want expedited service on issues such as name change you will need to give Byron a large jar of peanut butter. "Don't PM me with solicitation. I will ignore it." I have heard rumor that there is a woman in San Antonio Texas that does solicitation by PM....... I think that shark...
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    Question for the community

    Just carefully follow Cloudflare instructions and consider suggestions they make and it will work very well, meeting or exceeding the expectations of most users. No, I do not receive any compensation for these remarks. Just relating my experience and opinion. I have had a VPS and have my own...
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    Everybody having fun and then the x10 Police show up. :(
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    It runs on Calf Creek Texas time for me
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    Who killed x10 forums?

    It got to a point where, for some yet unknown reason, the forums appeared as a jumbled up mess on my system. Yesterday I was trying to get a few things with my VPS worked out through support and decided to see if anything had changed. Whatever was messed up seems to be cleared up now, so perhaps...
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    Who killed x10 forums?

    I agree with your prospective. It is most intriguing. Want to buy a fake Rolex? :)
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    Caffeine Deprived

    Caffeine Deprived
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    Woman Who Aged 50 Years In A Few Days!

    The same thing happened to me after I started driving a school bus full of elementary school students.... - Carl
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    close account

    If you wish to terminate your free hosting account at x10Hosting please please reply to this thread with all of the information enclosed in quotes below; Please reply to this thread - do not start a new thread. Be sure to include your cPanel username where indicated and insert an X inside the...
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    x10 Hosting Forum Cannot Login with Opera or Chrome in Linux

    I was having this same issue the Ubuntu / Chrome combination for several weeks but discovered today that the issue seems to have been rectified, at least for me. - Carl
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    The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

    Howdy; I am able to access your website with no difficulties at this time. As suggested by the message you received there was very likely a temporary issue that has been resolved. Please clear your browser cache and try again and if you are still experiencing difficulties just post back. - Carl
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    Maybe You Have Seen Some of These

    Last movie I saw was 2001: A Space Odyssey Showtown Drive In Theater - Beaumont Texas - 1968. - Carl
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    Hello All..

    Howdy! I am as happy as a tornado in a trailer park. - Carl
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    Hello All!

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    Delete Account

    I have set your account to be deleted after a minimum 14 day waiting period.