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  1. Shahzad

    MySQL Database

    Hi, What happened to MySQL, its not connecting? Even in cPanel its not showing. Is it down or what? Thanks & Regards
  2. Shahzad

    Account Inactivity

    Dear Admins, I just want to know about Account/cPanel Inactivity period. Means what is the time period of inactivity for which the account is going to be suspended. Is this 2 weeks or 2 days. Because whenever I am not using cPanel for 2 days my account is suspend and I have to reactivate it...
  3. Shahzad

    Can't Open My Site.

    Hi Management Team, I appreciate your hard work for providing us this free hosting. I just want to know that is there anything wrong with server or db? I couldn't get my site since hours. It shows that: phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the database Please tell me if server...
  4. Shahzad

    How much time you need?

    Hello x10hosting Staff, Its too long for maintenance a hosting site. Please do it as soon as possible. Its more than one week that my site is not working. Details are: Domain: Ip: (n) UserName: shahzad x10 Package: Advance Hope you will restore...
  5. Shahzad

    Registration Form

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me how to put a registration form, login & password option to my website so that only members can get in. If anyone give me some thing in detail or send me some stuff. Thanks in advance