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    Mobile Version of Site

    I felt this link would give a overview.But choice depends on the user.
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    Hi Brandon, I need help and cant post it here.I need to send a PM or email.How should I contact you?

    Hi Brandon, I need help and cant post it here.I need to send a PM or email.How should I contact you?
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    Hi, Can you plz check my PM to you.I needed your help there. Regs,

    Hi, Can you plz check my PM to you.I needed your help there. Regs,
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    Getting x10Illuminated

    Yes.I am satisfied will illuminated package. I started x10 by taking illuminated with in a few weeks after I took free hosting here. There are no caveats.X10 offers all they said about illuminated (in the following page) If I have about a 100...
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    Review My website

    Hi, Its a very clean and neat template done artistically. Loaded in super fast time in about 1 second on my Browser. CSS is fine as I think and thats why it is rendered cleanly. Good work.
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    Your account is currently active. May be that the browser cached some old data and it is showing the same. Kindly clear the browser cache and flush dns using ipconfig /flushdns command from command prompt.
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    joomla template installation

    this is a tutorial on Template installation
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    help needed

    Yes. You can use addon domains ,parked domains and subdomains in a way they are set on a paid hosting...except that the number of domains is limited by ToS.
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    urgent help :(

    Its working on my browser. There is a tram in yellow color and its a fresh fresh wordpress blog.
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    can't access without www after changing domain

    It should not happen that way.If there is any error from server, whole of site will stop working The reason could be 1.While changing domain, user used A records and in due course did not set A record for he accessed the site using mozilla firefox or any such browser...
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    Domain not changing

    Yes.. In the database it is still But why do you want it to change that way,only suggesting can have an addon domain which points to your public_html and you can do it from cPanel-> addon domains This is easy and happy way. But if you still want to...
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    My site not working after account name change

    Hi, In the records, your main domain is still And is correctly working without any error. Also the url is taking me to which is ok as there is no valid URL. If you want to change your maindomain, I suggest doing...
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    Blank Page On FTP Website

    Can you try Filezilla. Also check if your ftp settings are pointing to Public_html or some other empty folder to which the ftp account is configured to? This can be done from cPanel. Go to Ftp accounts in cPanel and check the configure FTP accounts links. Good Luck.
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    i want to switch to your hosting.

    Hi is going to a page with the following details "Index of / cgi-bin/ forum/ " I is not going to Kindly check if you have set the nameservers to and I think you have done already but just...
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    Server Offline

    Hi, Your "ZuroSystems Con un dolor de cabeza… Una solución!" wordpress blog is working on my browser. Warning: Using **s like you used is considered equivalent to using filthy language which is against ToS. Such users will be banned,blocked from further registrations for ever. I hope you...
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    What is your nameserver?
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    Staff, please HELP!

    Did you get any email from x10hosting? Currently there is no hosting account associated with your forum account.
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    VPS iPhone App

    Escalating and support will answer you ASAP.
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    how to open cpanel and webmail

    For your cPanel, Use your cPanel user id and password. Once you enter there you can access the webmail.
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    What do I change the variables to for SQL database

    Hi create a database, create a user and the password.Allow this user full control on the database by adding user to the database. All this can be done from cPanel and by hitting Mysql database icon Then use them need to change those which are put in bold <?php //modify vars below...