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    <a href & <a id CSS coding help!!

    Hero! That second one is exactly what I'm after. Thank you very much!
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    <a href & <a id CSS coding help!!

    Building a new website - On this page - Obviously at the top if you click any of the names, it takes you down the page to that anchor for that track. I want the track names at the...
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    Help with MyBB 1.8.1

    You'd be better off downloading an FTP programme - I'd recommend FileZilla. Download mybb off the site and upload all the files that way, following the install instructions. Very easy, if you're new to it all, just follow the instructions slowly. They've made the instructions for a...
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    David Deland, aka Carl6969

    Hi Corey, First time I've actually logged in in months also. Really sorry to hear the sad news of Carl. RIP.
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    Installing a forum

    That shouldn't be an issue Safirina. As long as you have some form of free hosting (here at X10???) and are using a sub-domain from them you should have ZERO issues trying to create a forum.
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    Why is Vox always down??

    It's not "always down" though is it? I've got a free hosting account. It's been down this morning for 3 hours and around 3 hours yesterday. Before that I can't remember the last time it was down, not unless I was just lucky enough not to have seen it at the time. What do you expect for free...
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    403 Forbidden !!
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    It said "403 Forbidden" while visiting my website
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    Boru out of space?

    Chopin down too.
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    Do you enjoy your job?

    I enjoy my job at the moment. Flexibility and a challenge and balanced time to do what I want in my personal time!
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    CSS Logo size

    I took the height out. Seems to have done the trick. Thanks.
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    CSS Logo size

    Alright folks, I've just changed our forums theme - MYBB software - so that it condenses and expands with whatever the users screen resolution is. I've got a question.... Is this the best way to have it coded: #logo { height: 100px; text-align: center; margin: 0; padding: 0 15px 10px...
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    php undefined index: email in /// on line 26 Help pls

    People do have lives. You just need to be a tad more patient. Posting it in the correct section in the first place would have helped!
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    Looking forward to help!

    What are you trying to run? Is a it a html website? Some sort of forum software? Usually, it is a case of someone on your server hogging the resources and it shuts everyone else's down too. But it could well be you as the above poster suggested.
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    Migrated from x10hosting to x10premium, where did my phpbb3 forum go?

    You'd be better off opening a support ticket. This area is for free hosting. What I would suggest is have you had a look in the Cpanel, that the database and database user has been made and the tables are in there too (can see that in phpmyadmin). They should have literally just copied...
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    Update on Email issues??

    If I send an email from my hotmail account to the email set up here it comes through. Send an email from Outlook (with x10hosting's settings) to hotmail, it doesn't come through. I'm running a forum with Account Activation required so it obviously sends an email to new registered people but...
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    Update on Email issues??

    It's been over a month since it was noted on the x10status page. My email still won't work - I'm not sure if it's me, or x10 seeing as it was a while ago. Anyone know what's going on with it?
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    Data Base offline !

    Chopin's mysql has been off and on all day. Literally only small periods of downtime then up for a while and back down.
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    Help cutting an image out

    Thanks for the detailed response. I never realised that. All fixed up now! Reputation left.
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    Help cutting an image out

    For some reason when I save my circle image there seems to be a load of white outside the circle saved with it but I don't know why!? It saved as transparent. When I try to add it to my forum on a dark background I can see a horrible white outline on it. I've...