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  1. hrvat

    just say Hi from Marijan

    hello x10 hosting members, new page design is wonderfull
  2. hrvat

    Please Review my site and its info

    Hi ! Your photos are terrible. When presenting your site you must put much better visual experience to your text content. Code is awfull. How are you know where is what you need in your code correcting process ? To get your site to normal state you must spend more time...
  3. hrvat

    New progressive design with CSS3 (3 media queries)

    I am using html 5 andd css3 very long time and I wonder how you are not implementing many of new programming code in your site. For me your site is confused, but suppose that is only beginning and that final solution will be much better.
  4. hrvat

    web design and web development

    Low contrast site. -This is first what I see.- 8)
  5. hrvat

    My new site.Need help

    Hello ! I think that you leave much work to the final look of your site. How can I see this is only beginning.
  6. hrvat

    Welcome to!

    Nice work, well organized.
  7. hrvat

    Javascript dividing by 100 giving long decimal numbers

    Are you familiar with web 2.0 and web workers ? Will you try to find response on you question here.
  8. hrvat

    virtual Windows8 Beta as desktop application

    I like full win 8 more.
  9. hrvat

    Very nice work

    All the best !!
  10. hrvat

    Permissions for execution folders and files

    This bad boys always doing wrong. 8)
  11. hrvat

    Permissions for execution folders and files

    On other words my HTML doesnt work through PHP file !
  12. hrvat

    Permissions for execution folders and files

    My script are clearly.. <?php /***************************************************** ** Title........: Form Mail Script ** Filename.....: index.php ** Author.......: GentleSource ** Homepage.....: ** Notes........: This file contains the...
  13. hrvat

    Permissions for execution folders and files

    Hello ! I have installed PHP mail application and see that my files have new restriction for executing php files. Do you have some serious reason for lowering user permissions or this is only commercial matter ? 8-)
  14. hrvat

    Thanks, I was posting site on this adress.

    Thanks, I was posting site on this adress.
  15. hrvat

    Please Review My Forums/Site

    Easy for navigation, good design, solid loading. Nice forum site !
  16. hrvat

    Apple shop network blocks x10hosting in Australia.

    Because they are bad brains.
  17. hrvat

    My Website Design

    Nice looking site. 8)
  18. hrvat

    Forum Name Change Part 2

    Yes, this change was necessary. Now we have this solution. regards 8)
  19. hrvat

    How is my web design ?

    Your design is pretty good. 8)