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  1. bhupendra2895

    phpBB - MySQL Error

    Most of the time this error occurs due to wrong mysql user name or password.Check if you have written correct mysql user name and password in config.Check if you have created mysql user with full privilages on PHPBB database.You should also check value of mysql host and database name in config...
  2. bhupendra2895

    Building a site to sell virtual/digital products

    Thanks for your suggestion but I don't have any account in x10 and I know that to get a valid ssl certificate I need dedicated IP.If I don't store any sensitive data in a shared hosting environment than I can use any of the payment gateways you suggested.Among them paypal is popular but it is...
  3. bhupendra2895

    Building a site to sell virtual/digital products

    Hi, Recently I started to develop my first ecommerce site for myself using zend framework, development went smoothly untill I reached to the implementation of shopping cart.For this I decided to download magento and give it a try because it is built on zend framework.Magento Community edition...
  4. bhupendra2895

    Please Close my free hosting account

    cPanel username: bhupendr ( X ) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my...
  5. bhupendra2895

    [Apache] Different HTTP status codes for different url parameters

    This problem is specific to byethost and not related to a regular http server.All I need to do is to learn whether this problem can be resolved using htaccess or not. This thread can be closed now. :-)
  6. bhupendra2895

    [Apache] Different HTTP status codes for different url parameters

    Hi, When I open above url I get 200 and if I open url below I get 403 HTTP status code. My PHP script uses the url get parameter.Only difference between both urls is only .3gp...
  7. bhupendra2895

    [Joomla 1.5.22] Common Data in Content Articles

    Hi, I have started to learn joomla and I have a question. If we have a site having sections:- audio songs ring-tones video songs And they have categories (belong to sections above respectively) like:- Hollywood Audio Songs Hollywood ring-tones Hollywood video songs Since all categories...
  8. bhupendra2895

    [Server setup]: CName and A record handling

    Thanks Misson, I resolved this problem by creating a add-on domain that points at the directory where also points to.Parked domain in my shared hosting service can only be parked to document root not on any other directory/sub-domain , so I need to use add-on domain.
  9. bhupendra2895

    [Server setup]: CName and A record handling

    Hi, I have a site having address and it has a very nice application at /lookup/. So I created a sub-domain having address pointed at /lookup/. Now one of my partner site approached me and they want to use my application at the address .They...
  10. bhupendra2895

    Best Linux Distribution

    I don't know it is stable or not, but i guess it is stable.Here is the link
  11. bhupendra2895

    [PHP]: Handling Multidimensonal Array

    @ Misson Thanks, What you described above is a better way to solve the problem.
  12. bhupendra2895

    [PHP]: Handling Multidimensonal Array

    I have a array that looks like Array ( [0] => Array ( [link] => http://updated [type] => x10 [vote] => 2 ) [1] => Array ( [link] => http://latest [type] => hosting [vote] => 1 )...
  13. bhupendra2895

    Heating Problem

    I didn't do anything to sort it till now, as a first step I want to try thermal paste.But I don't have time to purchase it.Winter season is going on in India so it is working fine at 73' C.Although whenever I play the game I have to open cover of cabinate otherwise temperature reaches to 94' C...
  14. bhupendra2895

    HTML/CSS and firefox 3.6.10

    Yes I am using adblock plus, thanks for helping.
  15. bhupendra2895

    HTML/CSS and firefox 3.6.10

    Hi, In firefox 3.6.10(in ubuntu) html code below renders two links (test 1 and test 2) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head>...
  16. bhupendra2895


    It means that if some bug in apache causes php files to display their contents, then user will not be able to see anything?I didin't knew about this.This thing work in shared hosting or requires some server setup (VPS/Dedicated hosting).
  17. bhupendra2895

    Share your opinion about ubuntu 10.10

    You can check features yourself by downloading iso file from and can create a bootable pen drive using start up disk creation tool already present in ubuntu 10.04.Then reboot your system and make your removable usb drive is a first boot device, save settings and exit from bios then...
  18. bhupendra2895

    Updates of subscribed thread through email not working

    It is working now.Thread can be closed now.
  19. bhupendra2895

    Can't restore mysql database

    Thanks, I got database having name mysql in backup file, all I need to do now is to press backspace or left mouse button for a very long time. :)
  20. bhupendra2895

    Share your opinion about ubuntu 10.10

    I agree it is better to stay with 10.04, because there is no major updates in 10.10.Also the kind of problems I am facing with ubuntu 10.10, I regret my decision to install it by removing 10.04 from my system.If I want to listen to Line-IN audio in ubuntu 10.10 then I have to download source of...