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  1. critter74854

    xo2 Server down?

    Yeap, same here. There's no indication of any issues on But ... x02 server is having issues.
  2. critter74854

    Is XO2 working?

    Although its Status is reported as Fine ( ) There's an obvious problem with it. No cPanel Access, No Webpage loading and also No Email... Edit : Link to Status
  3. critter74854

    Wordfence "A user with IP address --- has been locked out...."

    Wordfence (a security plugin for WordPress) has emailed over 200 times last night: A user with IP address (ip address varies) has been locked out from the signing in or using the password recovery form for the following reason: Used an invalid username 'admin' to try to sign in. My little...
  4. critter74854

    503 error when using duplicator for a word press site

    I've had incidents where administrating my site within the WP Dashboard, updating plugins, and WP Core the server throws up 503 limited resources reached. I'll give All-in-One WP Migration a try! Anything has to be better than the manual way. Looks like it does its work in 3 second steps -...
  5. critter74854

    403 forbidden when on my forum

    If you wanted help from community members who don't have access to magical crystal balls, you best put a bit more info in your requests.
  6. critter74854

    503 error when using duplicator for a word press site

    These Free Servers are so limited in resources that even 2 visitors at the same time will trigger 509 errors.. let alown a plugin to duplicate a website. Your best to do it manually (yuk I know) but take a complete copy of the site directory and a backup of the database. Try this search from...
  7. critter74854

    Error 429 Too many requests

    LMAO !! using IE (That's Internet Explorer for those who have forgotten it) I had to dig deep in All Program Files to find it, and it worked! Logged in fine and updated plugins, security, and even a page. All without any troubles (a bit on the slow side but that's to be expected on a Free Host...
  8. critter74854

    x10 free host Themeforest capabilities

    (I'm assuming it's a WordPress theme you have made since WordPress now powers over 23% of sites.) I'll doubt any Free Hosing provider will handle so many daily visits on a WordPress website. Unless a good CDN was used and the site was cached. ie. The host will need to only give out html and...
  9. critter74854

    Error 429 Too many requests

    I'll also ad that my WordPress platform website is doing the same thing when trying to log in, Else the site appears to be working fine on the front side. On Server X02
  10. critter74854

    Temporarily disabled for Resource usage

    Wasn't there a function in cPanel to view the most recent visitors a while back? If it could be re-enabled that would be a huge plus. I (or we) could see if the site was hammered by an IP and then be able to block it. Would having HotLink Protection helped in the OPs case?
  11. critter74854

    how to back up our databases

    Since over 23% of top websites are using WordPress, I'll take a punt and assume your site is using WordPress... Install Duplicator Plugin - It'll let you backup All of your site (Database included) and it'll allow you to relocate the site to another domain/host. Not that you'd want to leave x10...
  12. critter74854

    Google Officially Announces SSL Helps Ranking

    Hi All, I would hope most of you guys on this thread already know this, or for those that are new to SEO here is a link to an announcement Google made not long ago about having an SSL certificate will improve ranking to your sites...
  13. critter74854

    Website Pages/Posts Error 404

    Working for me :) Did you check the Free Hosting Service Status Blog ? I was having issues yesterday. No sooner I posted about it, the issue was mentioned on the Status Blog.
  14. critter74854

    Your request is taking longer than usual to process..

    never mind.. The status was updated as I was writing this. Problem known to x10 and they are on it :)
  15. critter74854

    Your request is taking longer than usual to process..

    My Site has been down for almost an hour, and I can't log into my portal. There's no indication on Here that this is a problem. The final error given is : The server at is taking too long to respond.
  16. critter74854

    Wordpress Upload Issues on Free Servers

    Hey, just wondering if there's any update on resolving the issue with Imagemagick? Thanks
  17. critter74854

    301 Redirects - working?

    [Resolved] After trying all that Google was telling to do in .htaccess and having no luck doing the redirect via the C-Panel ... I looked at a WordPress Plugin called Simple 301 Redirects. Problem solved :D Cheers'
  18. critter74854

    301 Redirects - working?

    I've been told by a buddy that spaces in an address may not be handled by .htaccess nicely and to try adding a %20 in the space. So /server system recources.html becomes /server%20system%20recources.html Nothing :( still won't redirect... Ive removed all the other redirect via...
  19. critter74854

    301 Redirects - working?

    LoL. I just got back from answering the front door.. Thanks for that leafypiggy.
  20. critter74854

    301 Redirects - working?

    yeah, that's how the Original address was. Hence why I would like to 301 redirect them ;)