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  1. olliepop

    Why did you choose x10

    Joined x10 many years ago because I needed a reliable host with cPanel. Hosting my sites with x10 was really what helped develop my interest in web development. Now I'm a developer at an agency and feeling a bit nostalgic about the days I relied on cPanel and file manager :)
  2. olliepop

    WOW - Hard Installation

    So glad i quit this game lol. But yeah it's massive, but so worth it. Cataclysm ain't great though. I started mid-BC, I quit after patch 3.2, came back halfway through 3.3.3, quit again, got into cata beta so restarted, quit until 4.1, quit at 4.2 launch. Cata in my experience was just bad...
  3. olliepop

    [REQ] [??? credits] All my points for a RISK-like world map

    Hi there I'm developing a RISK Online game and i need a map. I will pay all my points to the designer who submits a nice cartoony outlined world map with the continents sort of close together. No need for colouring in, an example is attached - bare in mind the countries dont have to be outlined...
  4. olliepop

    Free Domains: Why I now like Dot.TK

    .TK is great for people who just want to showcase their work with an easy to remember domain name. I was a .TK user from 2005-2008 until i just started purchasing domain names (my first ever domain name transaction was through x10 - love you long time <3)
  5. olliepop

    How is the game and gameplay of Assassin's Creed 3: Brotherhood?

    I enjoyed it, but returned it for a full refund and got Red Dead Redemption (i'm on PS3 by the way) and am way more satisfied with it. I don't like how Brotherhood is set in the future and you're using an Animus to 'relive' the past. It completely ruined the immersion for me. Multiplayer is so...
  6. olliepop

    A game-changing Browser Based Strategy game - Invasion Point

    Hey guys i'm Ollie and i want to develop the best god-damn MMOBBS. I am definitely up to the challenge. Whilst only 17 (nearly 18, few months), i have been coding in PHP since i was 12 and programming Java and .NET since i was 15. Myself and a few friends have been on many 'game ventures'...
  7. olliepop

    Choppin slow

    I'm trying to add a news article on my site '' and it has been loading the entire time i've been writing this article and for about 2 minutes before that. What's up? ---------- Post added 12-05-2010 at 12:02 AM ---------- Previous post was 12-04-2010 at 11:48 PM ----------...
  8. olliepop

    Beating the FB blues

    Just buy a domain name for $9 usd :)
  9. olliepop

    New Prime Membership!

    Woah just noticed this was instant. Very nice!
  10. olliepop

    Mega strong base_64 encode PHP file?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if some kind person could supply a method for mega strong base_64 encoding of a PHP file. This might include replacing characters etc etc. I will be forever grateful!
  11. olliepop

    Refresh Script

    What was the point of that O.o
  12. olliepop

    Refresh Script

    I'll write a single file clone for 1000 cr...
  13. olliepop

    Chopin is unbearably slow

    My site which is operating on Chopin is incredibly slow. Is this speed the result of maintenance or is this normal? I have been a member of X10 since 2007 and this is really slow compared to your usual standards.
  14. olliepop

    VPS plans page bug

    On your VPS plans pages (eg but also PLUS) when hovering over the questionmark for the tooltip the first third or so is cut off by the browser. I can't read the rest of it :( Just a friendly FYI :)
  15. olliepop

    PHP problems with function involving: explode(), MySQL, array()

    /facepalm After 6 and a half hours of banging my head on my desk and sipping caffine i noticed that the row viewing_baseid != baseid like it was supposed too. Thank you so much for opening my eyes! Now to find out why this is so....
  16. olliepop

    PHP problems with function involving: explode(), MySQL, array()

    Hey there guys. Just yesterday this function worked absolutely fine. That is until i duplicated it to explode a different row in the database. The function explodes a row in the database into 11 different values. An example of the database (DB > Table > Column > Value) server1 / bases1 /...
  17. olliepop

    [RESOLVED] Timer countdown function alteration

    Hey everyone - the function discussed in this thread is at the bottom of this post. What this function does is countdown the value of an HTML table-cell to zero (minus 1 every second) then stop counting that specific cell when it's finished. This works perfectly, the problem is that when it...
  18. olliepop

    America should have annexed the entire New World

    I entered this thread thinking that the OP would be a typical redneck American ranting about how "AMERICA WON WW2" "AMERICA WON VIETNAM" "AMERICA SAVED THE HOLOCAUST" etc (don't quote me on those, i know they're all wrong). But i see your point. America can be appreciated as an incredibly just...
  19. olliepop

    same problem again, cant/slow loading at my site

    Won't fix it - it's a server issue, not account issue.
  20. olliepop

    MySQL down

    Thank you very much :)