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  1. NSChan


    Just wondering if people could take a look at my site. NFchan is an imageboard using the Kareha software, but we are upgrading to Futalaby later on this month when we upgrade to paid. anyway i was hopeing people could take a look and give me some feedback on the site, some information in the...
  2. NSChan

    Proxy Sites

    Hey folks, our collage internet accses is restrictive at best. so im asking for all the proxy sites you know please. thanks
  3. NSChan


    Something that always makes me laugh is a good demotivator found this one a while back but thanks to actualy bothering to follow the link in the bottom corner of the image, i can make my own ^_^ lets see what you guys can come up with
  4. NSChan

    Worlds Hardest Quiz Im currently on level 6 out of 200, and its taken me 4 weeks to get their, how far can you guys get?
  5. NSChan

    Xbox Live Gamertag Exchange Thread

    I dont know if this has been done (if it has please delete topic) but how many of you guys have Xbox Live? i wouldent mind having a game with some of you my Gamertag is: Qurckus Maximus
  6. NSChan

    Planet Wallpaper

    If anyone wants a 'Spacy' wallpaper, i have this one. made by me in Photoshop CS3. you can have the full sized image for free, to see how people take to it, but if you like it i would apriciate a small dontaion. i can do other space wallpapers and other graphics upon request
  7. NSChan

    Some Stuff I Did In Photoshop

    I Did these a little bit back, enjoy! i have more if you like them, they were designed as desktop wallpapers
  8. NSChan

    Hey Folks

    Hey all, im NSChan (its supposed to be NFChan but i spelt it wrong) i would like to say hi to all, and that this is the best host that i have been with seizure round all!
  9. NSChan

    Having Trouble With Nucleus CMS v3.22

    I reacently instaled Nucleus CMS v3.22, and i found it wouldent let me post, so assumign it was beacuase my PHP was at level 1, i requested (and got) an upgrade to level 2. i reinstalled the software, but i still get the same error can anyone help me set this up? the error thrown back is...