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    joomla help?

    no matter how I install joomla(upload-fantastico) it is giving a 500 error.... any help would be great :)
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    Justin Bieber and Google Translate

    o.m.gosh lol thats super freakin funny lolol
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    php generating html page names problem

    I finally(just earlier today) figured out the problem.. sounds odd but in the .htaccess file I had an extra "//" on every line, similar to comenting them out.. I removed them and now all runs great! am glad to see that people actually use these forums lol. thank you everyone that placed input :)
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    CPA Lead Rewardsite Script v.1.0

    is the site down?
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    php generating html page names problem

    I have tried to contact the makers but I unfortunately think I bought it from a now out of business company since all the emails they have are now responding no such email address.... or i got (partially) scammed on it.. am willing to allow someone to access the .php files on the site to see if...
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    Please review my website @

    ok maybe just my browser being wonky... but most of the images are not showing in the posts.. looks great aside from that :) hope its just me and no large coding issues :)
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    Please review my site :)

    am guessing from above that your site must be in need of repair, or was deleted.. sorry to hear about it..
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    need your bad critique to my site !!!

    I would agree with the above as well.. the site is narrow, and as before, maybe add some things on the sides, ads, vids, or even code in a cart for when people go back and forth from the store aera(if it is supported):biggrin::biggrin: other than that its a great site and not to bland at...
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    php generating html page names problem

    I puchased a script that would allow me to add pages to my server(or so i thought) what happens i add the info for a movie in and then it generates a name for the page.. example movie ghost in the shell.. generates html name ghost+in+the+shell-478.htm... which will not load. any sugestions...