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    Not able to login to cpanel but website is up?

    okay thank you I was thinking that might of been the problem. At least my website is up and running. Also I can still make changes to it. :) Have a good day.
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    Not able to login to cpanel but website is up?

    The title explains it all. I can't get in to the cpanel but my website is up and running and ftp works I don't know if cpanel is seperate from the other parts of my websites that seem to be working so yeah cpanel is the only thing i can't login to. Thanks.
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    Bill Hicks Greatest Something or other of all time?

    I am an avid listener of Bill Hicks and find that he is one of the greatest speakers to not get popular. He has some really awesome ideas on a lot of things and well for the most part he is most likely right about our world. I got introduced to him by Tool. So I was wondering if anyone else has...
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    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    Whom Stealing is wrong so I use Open Source and when I do download music it is under the creative commons license. Also it is technicality illegal for you to change the format of the song so if it is a wave you can only use it as a wave file (.wav) and can not convert it to an mp3 file or any...
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    How much of your GMail space are you using?

    I use so little that is isn't even funny I end up deleting my inbox a lot of the time even though i guess I really don't need to do that because of it being "unlimited" or close enough to it. I love GMAIL though and well come to think of it Google inc
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    Nice service!

    Like I have said before one of the best free host I have ever used and well use them when I finally get enough to pay for hosting and a dot com site which could be soon. great service and i am glad that i found it. I was a user but you don't get the space or ftp access and well a...
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    Which is best free webmail ?

    GMAIL is awesome! Google allows you to do a bunch of different things like unsend items within like 5 seconds of clicking send to someone. Also Gmail account allows you to access so many different google apps. Like the Docs and Calenders.
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    homosexuality ?

    I think it is no ones business except the two people who are involved in the relationship. I also think that it is completely normal for two people who are in love to express it openly (Within the Law and reason.) I have seen guys kissing guys in public and it doesn't get to big of a reaction...
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    Whats the best oporating system for a web host

    I have to agree with all of the other posters. I think that Linux is the best operating system for hosting in general I use it when I am hosting Game Servers and will use it every time I need to host something.. It is just a better OS than Windows even windows server edition. I have used Linux...
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    Game consoles... what is ur bet?

    They do have a system it is called which is really close to PSN but it doesn't have the achievements part. A lot of PC Games have achievements built into them like Battlefield 2142 and all the other newer FPS'es.
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    Thank you. I was hoping that you where not talking about just the internet/website capabilities of the programing languages. Which if it was that Case I would have to go with PHP or HTML or XHTML ( I haven't played with that one yet.)
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    Now I have done it. Okay first off I have to say that PHP is a very powerful language and that I love its use in websites. It is awesome for databases (MYSQL Anyone!) I love to use it but I didn't vote it as the most powerful. I voted PYTHON! and well the reason is because I like to use it for...
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    IRC Flash Client

    I liked the new client even though I never knew the old one. I have a question could I access this using a chat program that supports IRC channels.
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    I said other because I think it has a lot to do with what the program/application is going to be used for. If for example you wanted to create and error free program/application (aka Drive you self insane). Then yeah obviously you would have to think of things that shouldn't be possible. I...
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    Best Band In The World?

    I think that the best band in the world would have to be Tool. I think this is because of there sound and well the general sound of the band. I love the vocals that Maynard can put out there. Into the world. I have also found there music to move me and change my feelings about the world. I also...
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    Logical Fallacies and Constructing a Good Argument

    I have to say really good job. I remember being talked to about all of those things in Middle School and then again in High School. I did a debate on Iraq and Social Security in my 8th grade year. It was a lot of fun and well several years later I did one on Gay Marriage.
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    Game consoles... what is ur bet?

    I have a PC and a PS3 I like my PS3 for its games even though you can get most of them on Xbox360. As far as Xbox Live is concerned I will stick with Playstation Network (free). Oh and well my PC can do nearly every think except play games (Ubuntu). I also like the PS3 for the blue ray it does...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I haven't used an anti virus in like a year now because of my operating system not being really all that venerable to them. But when I am called over to my certain operating system friends house. I normally try to use what ever anti virus that comes on there computer normally it is Norton or...
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    Gay marriage? Agree or disagree?

    I think it really is a matter of personal freedom and that you should be able to marry a consenting adult (As defined by the state) of either sexuality. I think that marriage is two things it is a commitment from one person to another. I also thing that it is a legal document that grants certain...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I have been using Ubuntu and well I love all of the free/open source programs that are available for it. I have also had little problems getting my games to run on it. I have gotten steam and Guild Wars to run perfectly on it. I also like how fast it has made my laptop become it has such a small...