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    My first site

    hey guys, just wanting some opinions on my first site. Every comment is appreciated. lacrossenoob
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    My site doesnt work anymore

    been around 30 hours now and still doesnt work, should i lodge a ticket ?
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    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    unfortuneatly we just got owned in lacrosse 23-0 although we only had 8 players, i play defence
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    Count to 1 Million

    1320 is the number after 1319
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    This or That

    jackie chan football or lacrosse ?
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    My site doesnt work anymore

    i changed my site domain to from and all i get is this domain is available but in my account panel it says my site is still any suggestions ? edit: its been about 3 hours since i changed it
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    how can i change my site title ?

    tyvm and fast reply aswell :)
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    how can i change my site title ?

    not sure if site title is the right words, but when i go on my site at the top it says layout psd and also says layout psd if it is tabbed, i made the site in photoshop and dreamweaver if that helps