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    MicroTechXP Graphics Staff Needed

    Well, MicroTechXP is in need of some decent graphics staff to cater to the needs of the forum. Experience in Photoshop or PaintShopPro or some other similiar program is requested. Applications will be taken in a first-come, first-serve manner, with only two positions open. To request your...
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    phpBB mix-up

    In the bottom of our scripts, there is a link for phpBB. But the link goes to YaBB. Any reason for having the name set as phpBB?
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    WordPress Bug

    I keep getting an e-mail from x10 telling me to update my WordPress installation. My "version" is 1.5, but the "updated" version is 0. What is wrong with the server?
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    [OFF] Advertising for Cash

    Would you like to be known? Just send me a PM with your website, and what you want to say. You ad will be shown on: Home Page, and the likes: 5 xPoints a month Forum: 5 xPoints a month Blog: 5 XPoints a week So pick your plan, and then just wait. I will accept 2 ads on my main...