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    Post your specs

    4gb ddr2 800 256 gb hdd sata intel core 2 quad ati radeon. . .secret . . .
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    Check out my website!!!!

    Hi Ms. Angela, Your site has many features, correct me if i am wrong, this site is like an archive site for pictures? because your tab menu are all galleries. . . as an advice why dont you make your home page so busy, i mean put more images. . . try to use mootools gallery slideshows im sure...
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    Sometimes people misinterpret CMS and Framework Can someone tell us what is really the difference and can you please site and example it will be a big help for beginners like me. simple school site - tourism/travel site -
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    High School

    Of course almost all of us enjoy high school life, since everything started in high school. What do i mean by everything? funny happenings, group studies, courtship, lovelife, sexlife, alcohol life, night party life. Men I miss high school life. . . Would you mine to share your experience...
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    Check your website Value

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    Hi to everyone this is qmacadhigh hope to become your friends.

    Hi to everyone this is qmacadhigh hope to become your friends.
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    what if my site become popular?

    NICE QUESTION!!!! hehehehe
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    Education is very important especially today. Educational background is very important because most employers today consider hiring undergraduates, but there are still employers who still hires people who only finished secondary education.
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    Philippines in rich in natural attractions that may compare to some famous attractions of the world. Pangasinan is one of the province in the Philippines in where some of these natural beautiful attractions can be found.
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    What will be the key in web development this year 2010

    For you! What do you think will be the key or the new trend in web development this year?
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    Plese provide your feedback for my Webdesign

    Nice, you have a good taste in choosing color scheme, when i saw it its like a fruit very delicious. . . visit this link thanks
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    Windows 7 - Better or Worse? Your oppinions please?!?

    Men windows 7? the only good thing about this os is the Interface, appearance. . . . if i were you i wont upgrade. My classmate upgrade his vista to windows 7, then after a day he freak out. Y? because windows 7 is not compatible to other os in terms of ad hoc, or other wireless connection, it...
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    How has technology affected us?

    Men Technology is very important nowadays. . . . Espcially to students and business firms, Technology affects business profits, because with technology they can secure almost evrything they want, there are lots of softwares now that offers high security for files etc. Also with the rapid growth...