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    Some Useful Internet Tips

    good post ,i appreciate u.. post more pls
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    Let me design logos

    You first make the logo...then we will fill it with color or u make logo according to ur concept
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    pls do it as soon as possible

    pls do it as soon as possible
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    Let me design logos

    as i told u our website is under contruction,u r a professional , so pls do it in a creative and must look attractive..
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    Need image gallery php code

    I need a image gallery in php ... URGENT
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    I pefer either php or
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    Let me design logos

    I prefer Circle with our sitename Our site url is (not yet up ) slogan- The Ultimate Solution Activity- A software firm that provide Software solutions, Linux admin etc Use High graphic color (background tranparent) Must be attractive....
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    Let me design logos

    I need a logo URGENT, its a software firm and our website is under construction... I came to know that u r designing it for FREE.. REQUIREMENTS TEXT - NIMISHAONLINE