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    1000 Credits Contest

    More time u register better chance to win contest cause i need alot people with different ip`s and different emails to register.
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    1000 Credits Contest

    Ok here goes: Who ever signup more times at following link wins contest. Contest last 6 days. U can only signup once per one IP U gotta see if u need to use valid email or not. Link: Good Luck to evryone,i hope its worth of it.:eek4: Edit: no replys :(
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    Windows VS. Mac

    Don`t go on mac trust me, windows pwn :|
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    Paying for signup

    Ok here is a deal signup for game that i`m playing u will become by underling,u don`t have to play game just signup,asap i see you as my underling i`m sending credits 25 or more per takes 3 mins for that,u will need to enter right email so you can validate it.please use your forum...
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    MMORPG's: Whats Good? apart from WOW?

    My game gonna be done soon, link is below =O
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    Php Review

    It`s just don`t working...fix it :D
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    Php Review

    <? $title = "Warn"; include("header.php"); if ($stat[rank] == Member) { print"You are not a mod/admin"; exit; } print" <center> <b>Ban/Warn users dont put users warn % above 100% unless needed, If set to 100% use reason.</b><br> <form method=post action=?action=warn> User ID:<input type=text...
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    Giving away 500 credits!

    I wanna credits, u should just send me credits and problem solved :P
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    [c#] Connection to MySQL DB ?

    phpmyadmin isnt hard to sue tho :|
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    Creating a website

    U can always check my game, and admire how good i am :P Game is in signature go check and tell me your opinon XD
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    Help with pictures

    u can always use for questions like that hehehe, im jk always ask what u need here.We are best!!!
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    Please Rate my Forum

    You should make it better by adding some better gfx and layouts :|
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    Your site is kewl :D
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    My games arcade (second review)

    looking good, maybe u should add mine game also ;)
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    University Project

    i give u 9/10 =O