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    New theme?!

    Wow. This theme is as good as the previous skin. Makes me want to say oro many times. I adore this. Anyone agree? It's partially vB but has a unique look.
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    Valentines Day.

    Hammer Time! (the MC hammer Lays ad in super bowl still hits my head) Anyway, since Super Bowl's done, there's another, Valentines' day. Anyone doing something special? I need some help with asking a girl out as my valentine. Any advice? *returns to doing MC Hammer moves, then the moonwalk*
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    I have a suggestion here. I noticed all applications (including mine) put in their e-mail address in its entirety. How about saying to put user [at] and such instead of user @ (without the space on user@)
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    Hello, x10!

    Hello everybody of x10. I'm Su2000, been here from FreeWebSpace. I did have a host before (and tried to host some people, tried), but not well turned out as I paid a reasonable price but not using much of the space I used. I might get some hosting here, since I am just in need to host my site...