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    Website disappered

    Yes, thats exactly what I wish to say. My website is there. I can log into cpanel. I never had a database. i can see the empty index of / page as well and a cgi-bin directory displayed. But my files are no longer seen in the filemanager. Also, my email accounts are no longer present...
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    Website disappered

    Hi, it appears that my website has been lost somewhere in the updates. Can my website be restored please? I think it was on the lotus server. website: Regards, Pawan
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    Account's data error

    I'm seeing the following message on logging into the account panel.. "An Error Has Occurred Whoops, an error occurred retrieving your account's data from our system. Please try your request again in a few moments." my sub-domain: username: pawanrh plan: ad free It logs...
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    What happened to my account?

    Hi, My website, sub-domain, everything is down. I log into the forums, it asks me to link my account (Though i had done this when x10hosting moved to the new server).. I try to enter my cpanel username there, that also doesnt work.. Also if i try to go create a new hosting account, it says i...
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    Need Password Reset!

    Hello, Can Someone please reset the password for my account? I have lost my password ever since the database got corrupted! I requested twice already but no action was taken! Could someone please do it this time? My website: username: pawanx10 Thanks! Pawan
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    Password reset Please!

    hello, I'm unable to access c-panel. Can you please reset my password? Thanks! Account username: pawanx10 website address: