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    SEO: .html vs no extension

    Way to revive a 12 year old post, with your first post being a promotion for your company!
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    Account Suspended 2.0

    I understand that you have a strict 0-strikes terms of service and there is no more room for appeal. I just have two questions. 1) Is it possible to upgrade my account and thus get unsuspended? 2) If not, all that I ask is that you unblock my domain to be able to be transferred to another...
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    Account Suspended

    I have just been notified of my appeal and it appears they decided against me and make my suspension permanent. I wanted to make it known that because I didn't know about the breach of terms of service, I should not be punished so severely. I am more than willing to remove the app I installed...
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    I have followed the instructions as advised in this forum post But I have not yet received an upgrade for my data. My website is or Please help. Thank you
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    My website is
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    I would like to request "Unmetered" space for my account. After reading through the guidelines, I feel I fit the criteria for the request. Also could you separate the mail server quota from the general quota, because as soon as I reached the quota, I was not receiving emails. I didn't even...