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    Important Poll

    it's great
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    it's awesome

    it's awesome
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    Hi,DEBOJYOTI here.

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    welcome to x10hosting
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    Hello very new to forums excellent x10 hosting

    wish u all the bst
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    Hello !

    hey welcome to the family
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    Hello x10hosting

    Hi there
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    hey all the best
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    Hi! :D

    Hi. Hope you enjoy x10. It's truly awesome :)
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    Hello, Everyone!

    welcome to the family
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    Change domain name

    Hey, Its working now. Thanks :wink:
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    Change domain name

    No. Which domain should i have there. my new one ?
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    Change domain name

    Hi, I went to modify domain but it gives me an error, "Supply a different domain than your account's current domain if you would like to change it." Currectly my main domain is "Main Domain" and I want to change it to Thanks,
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    Change domain name

    Hello, I can't seem to make as my main domain. can you please help me. Thanks
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    Hello, Everyone!

    Hello :) 8-)
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    I am totally new here and need help

    Tell Mummy to help you ... mummy's always help
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    Hey fellas

    hey welcome
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    New user

    wassup, new bro
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    Hi. Please welcome me:-)

    Hey. Welcome