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    Celebrity Deathmatch!

    Anyone seen Celebrity Deathmatch? I think it's sooooooooo cool, i liked it when pamela anderson had a fight cos her boobs got punched and they went out her back...well lol hope you have a good discussion over this topic, i think it's great!
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    WEB TEAM NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey y'all, i've got a very big favour to ask! It involves a couple of people who are very experienced on the internet, who are willing to be part of a great computer business' community and would be interested in helping design the website's features, what to have on the website (i.e the...
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    Hey M8s!

    Hey mates, it's nick here, hope you're all having a great time on the forum, 'cos i definitely am! I reckon the hosting provided here is great, especially cos you get the cpanel usage and fantastico account! This truly is great and i hope the service runs for a long time to come yet! Well...
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    Ferguson & Ross Corporation

    Is anyone in here willing to help make some designs and images for my business site? Maybe just a good logo or two and some computer images to add to the site. If anyone wants to help out then just PM me.
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    MySQL Tutors Available?

    Is anyone in the world here willing to tutor me in the use of MySQL Databases and tell me exactly what they are and what they do. Then after this they can teach me how to use them.
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    Final Fantasy

    Hey there people, this is the biggest Final Fantasy fan talking prove my greatness in Final Fantasy let me just tell you that I have learned the Al-Bhed language from Final Fantasy X and X-2...well anyways does anyone in this forum like Final Fantasy if you do then please do a couple...
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    General Programming

    General Programming Questions Can i just ask you all, how do you program? I would like some small teaching on this, would anyone be interested in a little tutoring in programming? even if it's you Rhianna it can only be small things that you know so far, anyone with help i would really...