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    new guy here

    Welkom op x10 :) De website heeft wel wat een donkere kant... En let erop dat je de pagina's niet te zwaar maakt zodat het niet zo lang duurt om te laden, doe dit door je headers en beeldmateriaal te splitsen.
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    site down again ! help please?

    The accounts are moved to a new server. To follow the procedure, go to: The files will take some time to recover.
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    This ticked can be closed now.
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    Website re-upload

    I will, but I've made a homepage for my girlfriend... And she said that it was kinda anoying when the startpage is blank.. so I've uploaded the file again... Just a temp solution :)
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    Website re-upload

    My website's files are offline now because of the server switch, but I have all my pages and files backed-up at my computer, what if I upload those files to my website, and then my old files will restore, what will happen to the pages that I've uploaded now?
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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    I know many people don't, but I do like RuneScape, since their makers, Jagex have made serious updates, the game has improved. The Player-Versus-Player mode has been brought back in a certrain way, new armour has been created (which causes overpowered situations in PvP), a new skill called...
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    webpage gone and and no access to cpanel

    They are moving our accounts to a new server. To track the progress please go to
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    Oké i've read that topic to, let's hope that they will restore fast :) Thank you for the quick support.
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    And do you have any idea of how long the server will remain offline?
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I use Panda Cloud Antivirus, it's a extremly LIGHTWEIGHT AV solution, also at my school they use PCA, it does't use internal resources at all because everything comes from the cloud.
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    Which Text Editor & Why

    Notepad C++ for HTMl, OpenOffice (which is a very good Wordwannabe but then free) for work.
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    Ow oké, sorry for not reading that topic before posting. I was just scared that all my work would be gone...
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    Why is it that my account has been suspensed? Is it because you swtiching the servers or have i done somthing against the rules?