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    Absolut Server: Web mail not working

    Hey I just realized that my webmail doesn't work it says something about a db error, email forwarding doesn't work either. Its not a really big deal to me, but just incase no one knew this wasn't working now you do. edit: and this is logging in through cpanel.
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    Site stopped working

    You're not the only one I cannot access either of my domains that are hosted by x10. I understand this is a free host but the ammount of problems x10 has been having is getting really damn annoying.
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    very poor service

    So I get a warning for saying whats real typical pussies on the internet can't handle the damn truth. This dude was way out of line *****ing about a free service I think I have every right to make fun of his horrifying grammar and how ungrateful he is. But whatever, Guess the truth just hurts...
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    very poor service

    Dude before you ***** about horrible service why don't you work on your damn grammar first? No one wants to read your god awful attempt at forming sentences anymore than we want down time, so shut up and suck up the downtime unless you wanna pay for what you're getting for free cause you know...
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    Account Suspended

    You must be like a computer engineer or something, no **** dude what I am saying is its not letting me log in genius. :| now it works wtf? I just refreshed the page and it says I logged it...
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    Account Suspended

    My account is suspended and it keeps telling my login is wrong, when it is clearly not cause I am clearly logged in here.... this is the login page I am talking about. hosting account username: APNC
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    Why was my sql database deleted?

    so randomly I go to my site today and my wp[wordpress] sql db has disappeared, can any of yous tell me why? I worked very hard to get this up and running and now its all gone any help would be great. Username: APNC