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    PR7 SEO Web Directory

    Hi Folks, With Google Penguin algorithm than you must be careful when submitting your site to web directory or you will be "Penguined" because of bad backlinks. If you need spam free, SEO friendly and Google Penguin prof web directory, you can submitting your site to my directory. This is a...
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    cPanel login country restrictions

    Okay no problems :)
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    cPanel login country restrictions

    Thanks for the replay, I read Corey's posting and my country Indonesia is not listed (yet). Blacklist Belarus China Cuba Egypt Iran Iraq Liberia Lebanon Libya Myanmar \ Burma Nigeria North Korea Somalia Sudan Syria Thailand Vietnam Yemen Yugoslavia \ Balkans Zimbabwe Please update the list if...
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    cPanel login country restrictions

    Hi, I can't login to cPanel, below is the message: "Sorry, we are not able to accept cPanel logins from your ASN or country of origin at this time." Is there anythings I must do to resolve this? Thanks,
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    Hosting a Drupal sites.
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    Unsuspended fail

    I check it and its working.. Thank you!
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    Unsuspended fail

    Hi, I has been suspended for high system resources etc. I try to unsuspended by myself but it still waiting, almost two days until now. Please tell me what caused this so I can prevent this happen in the future. Please unsuspended my account? maybe I should start thinking for paid hosting...
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    Chopin update give me pagerank 8 (fake PR)

    Sell it? No good since it's not real. I wish I can make it real :)
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    Chopin update give me pagerank 8 (fake PR)

    Before Chopin update, my site PR is 3 but after Chopin update my pagerank is 8, check this. I don't know but it seems when the website down for one or two days it redirect to height PR site (maybe only the search engine robot). PR 8 is crazy :), anybody facing similar issue like me? In a few...
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    Site redirect to "Default Web Site Page"

    Okay, I'll waiting. Thanks,
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    Site redirect to "Default Web Site Page"

    Dear Staff, Thanks, my main site is back online now, but there is one problem; my addon domain site is always redirect to "Default Web Site Page". I already waiting it for a few hours but it still the same. I already clearing the DNS cache on my PC but nothing happen. Here is my site...
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    What is the best CMS?

    Drupal! You will not reach the limit, because Drupal was without limit.
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    mysql access denied

    Previously I got similar error, I resolve the error by deleting the user first (NOT THE DATABASE), after that creating user with same name and password, then grant privileges to the new user.
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    not being unsuspended and keep being suspended when not doing anything

    How if I have 100 visitor in the same time? and how about http request? Is there any visitor limitation per second?
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    Account auto suspened every day

    Hmm.. I'll try disable the page caching feature.
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    Site down and then suspended

    Hello, Thanks to you all I already disable almost every things :) so if I still got suspended next time then admin should take care of it (weird if I suspended if already disable almost every things). I even turn-on the throttle module to disable lot of default modules if sites is busy. I'm...
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    Site down and then suspended

    I already un-suspended myself but it still suspended, please check it for sure. OK I'll try to disable the module, but I think more than that, admin must know about this.
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    Site down and then suspended

    Hello x10 staff, I can not access the site but suddenly my account is suspended. What happened? I have two websites here, all using Drupal and only uses three modules, the module is very small and not likely to add pressure on the server. I use the following modules: 1. NoFollowList ->...
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    site is getting too low to load

    Hi, Try visit website in my signature, I use Drupal and turning on the page cache because I will got suspended for high system resources if not turning on that. In my other website if someone visit 10 pages then I will get suspended, I use Views and CCK modules (no page caching).
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    Joomla - 500 Server Error:CHMOD DOESN'T SOLVE PROBLEM

    Maybe this can resolve your problems, just uncomment the RewriteBase in your .htaccess file # Uncomment following line if your webserver's URL # is not directly related to physical file paths. # Update Your Joomla! Directory (just / for root) # RewriteBase /