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    How do you change Background Color size around text?

    You can do that a few ways, but it's all going to be with CSS. You have two options, though. You can apply in-line CSS; meaning all your CSS remains IN your HTML file, or you can apply an attached CSS stylesheet, which is an external file your website externally references. Inline CSS is...
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    Worried about hackers

    Nobody has mentioned that you should probably change your admin login credentials every thirty days or so. Used in conjunction with KeePass or PasswordSafe as mentioned earlier, I'd also recommend creating strong passwords that have little or nothing to do with your personal information. On...
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    No more feature-limited Wordpress host. Awesome.

    I don't show off unless I'm using my own theme since it's not really my work I'm showcasing. I switched to using GetSimpleCMS, but I'm really wrestling with the idea of creating my site from scratch because I'm having to script a lot from scratch anyway just to get the site working like I want...
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    No more feature-limited Wordpress host. Awesome.

    I'm a struggling entrepreneur, and it's a challenge coming up with hosting costs when you're not making a single cent off of the content. I've used Wordpress' free hosting options, and even tried hosting my own BMS installation from an apache server, but started running into issues when my...