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    Are dissenters unpatriotic?

    While I may be viewed as a Bush basher, I'm here to express my views on certain things about his administration I find unacceptable. Bush faced a lot that no President should ever have to deal with during his or her term, and while there were a lot of things he could have done better [or in...
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    account rest

    I was trying to update but I couldn't log into my blog's admin panel. So I went into my cPanel and tried to reinstall it. but now it won't sync up. If I upload via ftp using CUTEFTP, the file doesn't show in the cPanel file manager and vice versa. When I tried installing Nucleus from the...
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    Rate design

    Baka ELite I just finished the main design [i've still got the forums to work on] so what do you guys think? It's a web-review site [kinda ironic no?] and i'm just getting started. ANy comments are appreciated.
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    Hotlinking allowed?

    I have a blog hosted on Xanga and I was wondering if I could hotlink to my account here for images. Is that allowed? I have a full site here where I put club info, poems, images, etc, but my blog is just somewhere else.
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    Ad code

    I've put the code in every page I have, but sometimes it doesn't show up. It comes up after I refresh the page, but when you first click some pages, it doesn't show. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't want to be penalized when you guys check my site and think the ad is missing. Sorry if I...