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  1. priyaa161

    How to know??

    Oh! I thought it was done intentionally. I care for all this small things because I care of myself and only myself. I'm not like you to care for everyone. If You don't like my post then delete it, delete all my post, all my threads, take away all reputations or even worse ban me. I had to leave...
  2. priyaa161

    How to know??

    Yeah, It looks weird that Registered Members can see but Forum Addict and Community Advocate are not authorized to do so. But If we think in another aspect then it appears like Corey acted quite cleverly. If I got it right, then let me explain. Registered Members either don't have much...
  3. priyaa161

    How to know??

    But then why can't I? Okay, so who gave you last reputation, tell me his/her username, if you can see.
  4. priyaa161

    How to know??

    Now I'm totally confused. Some can see, Some cannot. I've got one infraction and Maybe due to that I'm not able to see the username of that person. What you guys think?
  5. priyaa161

    How to know??

    "From whom" is not there..........?????
  6. priyaa161

    How to know??

    How to know who has given me reputation? Is there any way?
  7. priyaa161

    I have arrived.

    Hello! Welcome to x10hosting. @Vardy, 10xhosting, huh?
  8. priyaa161


    Good luck with Your band. That's all I can say.
  9. priyaa161

    The 'N' word!

    To some extent You are right. But there is a discrimination inside every person. Even if you say that I'm not racist but You are. From "You" I mean every person reading this post. When people will forget to differentiate other people on the basis of caste, creed, color, the day will be the end...
  10. priyaa161

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    But posting is the formal proof.
  11. priyaa161

    Gambling articles on

    Google seems to be doing partiality. They Condoned website with high traffic but they never excuse website doing poor performance. It's simple to predict. ***Moved to Off Topic*** **But to read this You've to visit Off Topic** **Sorry :smile: **
  12. priyaa161


    uh-uh. As soon as my vacation will over, I will be over from here. So now no desire.
  13. priyaa161


    Hello! Welcome to x10hosting. @Carl, Congratulation on becoming Community advocate.
  14. priyaa161

    browser problem

    Firefox is the best browser I've seen in my life. I had used IE for several years in the past and thought it was the best browser but when I got Firefox my opinion changed and concluded that the use of IE is simply to download Firefox and nothing else.
  15. priyaa161


    @WalidNo1 You can use both Adsense and Bidvertiser together on the same page. I've seen some websites having both.
  16. priyaa161

    how many visitor per day

    But that's the truth. I have Google as my homepage. And as far as my website is concerned, I don't want anybody to visit there because I've made my website to learn how to use website builder ): I'm still learning HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQl, JavaScript, AJAX and web designing. When I'll be...
  17. priyaa161

    If You Were to Take a Vacation in ANY Continent Where Would It Be?

    It varies from time to time, season to season. But I should strike out some options to give some reasonable answer. 1. Arctic is the fist option which I should strike out cause I wanna enjoy some more days of my life. 2. Africa. No interest in Wild life and Jungles and many more things I...
  18. priyaa161

    Satan's Deception

    My Mom, My Dad. So they are my god. My Country is a very peaceful country and never tries to attack any other country for annexation so My Country is my God. Oh! You are also very good person so You too my God. Bless me God! :wink:
  19. priyaa161

    The 'N' word!

    Yes. There are many insulting words but now it became so common that they are not basically used for them but for the Generals (highest category) as curse word. And they too don't feel it harsh unless some idiot remind those words to them in anger. In past they are not allowed to enter...
  20. priyaa161

    The 'N' word!

    Oh! NO! I don't use any such words in private. And I'm very sorry if it hurts anybody feelings here. And what happened in the past is past. It cannot be changed. Neither I want that they should be treated like in the past. But they should be treated like us. As a General. Not more than us.