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    As far as I know I didn't do anytihng wrong... EDIT: Username: darkuran
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    Chatroom request denied?

    See for yourself...
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    [REQ]Site header (BG provided)

    [REQ]Site header + SIG (BG provided) Okay, I want a few website headers, I'm ready to pay 30-70 points for it (more if I earn more...). I want 1 header using that background image for now. I may ask for additional smaller banners later. I'll ask you to do them later, if I'll need em. I'll pay...
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    Idiotic hosting (NOT THIS WEBHOST!!)

    Okay, so I went to http://www.********.com, where I was reviewing their paid offers. They offered alot. 50 000MB for $5+unlimited goodies. I won't post the URL, I don't wanna make profit for them. In your own favor, belive me. Their customer support is f****d up. Totally. Anyway, I posted a...
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    30 days!!!

    Okay, this is it. If I don't get my site up tomorrow, I'm outta here. Shame, because, I may pay for no ads in the future. But apparently your support is... How do you say? Dead? 30 days is too much. You keep forgeting, that some people actually have a site to run. All my (now former) users think...
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    In need of e107 Templates

    I'd want a e107 template. I want it custom 3 column template with a dark theme (red-black). You set the price.
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    PHP Programming!!

    I can do some PHP for you. Sorry, NedreN if I'm stealing your business (, I'm just another guy out there... I can do some simple scripts for low price, mabye even free (we're talking about free counter, 100-250 points for guestbook - depending on...
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    Free Q3A, GTA, Wild Metal, GTA2

    100% legal (you expected illegal games from GTA, GTA2, Wild Metal: Quake 3 Arena Source: Q3A is compiled for Microsoft Visual C++ 6 or 7 (can't remember and won't go checking readme again)...
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    Mail Exchanger Config

    Well, it's all in the title... I set a new account How do I configure my Mail Exchanger at my DNS domain provider, how do I login for the email... I'd need that (relatively) fast...
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    I was wondering, wenether hosting other sites ON my site is allowed. Of course with all the ads and I wouldn't get any cash for it. I'd like to host a website for my friend. And for some reason (??) he wont register here. I think he's too lazy (really!) and he is in a hurry. Kinda.
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    Arg! Down!

    Okay, my site's been up and down for like 3 weeks now and I wanna know what's going on. The website doesn't work, but FTP works just fine. Would you please stop telling us "we're working on it" and rather tell us what's causing it? Perhaps we could help out. I'm sure there are some users who...
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    FTP Clients

    Well, post your favorite FTP Clients here. I prefer FlashFXP, it's got a whole bunch of options and it's easy to use. Not free though. I'm a proud owner of full version :) You can use it for unlimited time as far as I know, but after 30 days it becomes a long wait before "Continue" button...
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    Domain problems

    I set up my account, set the domain, but when I open it it writes, that there is no website configured at that address. I got into cpanel by direct IP and set an addon domain to some other domain there, which works fine. I wonder, why wont my main domain work? The addon was on...
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    Domain problems...

    I signed up with your website, everything went smoothly with one problem: I set a custom domain to And when I got email it wrote: "Subdomain/Domain:", only athcx instead of So mabye you could somehow manually set that to If you can't at...