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    Problems on setting up web hosting

    It seems I have problems setting the web hosting account/ Can you help me to set up?? user : psc (same as my a/c) email: password: *removed* Domain: Thanks you very much!!!!!!
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    iPad 2 is coming

    How do you think abour iPad 2 Do you think it is real. It's quite interesting!!
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    Forum Selection

    Can you tell me which forum is better??
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    About my suspended account

    To whom may concern, I'm sorry that the file is only uploaded by my IT friend as I wanted to create my own forum. Can you please help me to delete it for me. If you can , can you tell me what I should do in order to reopen my account. Many thanks, Jamie Chan
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    Account being suspended

    My Account is being suspended . I'm sorry that I do not know about "vb lisence" ??? I am just using x10 as a web hosting. Can you please kindly help me to check whether there is a problem. Account name: pschan Many thanks, Chan