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    Suspended for high resource usage?

    I only have this forum script running which uses around 45-50 queries per page load.
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    Server Load Problem !

    I also got that just now and checked the number of queries ran in my software. It was 50+. Is that too much? Just asking. :D
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    Suspended for high resource usage?

    Yes i read this: But I got suspended for: I didn't set any cron jobs (I don't even know how to) as said in here: Is this a suspension bug? o.o If this is something to do with the new server config I won't...
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    lost cpanel password

    Go here to reset your cPanel password.
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    Deleted public_html and problem with forum account.

    I think the www folder works too. Have you tried using the www folder?
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    Site Not Working!! :(

    Are you on Lotus? If yes,
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    Error 404

    750, 755 or 777. PS: Thats a 403 error. :)
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    How to check if your server is down

    It's at Replace yourserver with the server you're on.
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    What's wrong with Absolut Server?

    I'm on Lotus and the exact same thing happened. Hope it gets fixed soon. :(
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    Forbidden Page problem

    Post a ticket at
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    Hosting within Hosting

    Is this allowed? I mean, not opening a hosting company, just plain hosting about 6 blogs or so.
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    Question About Email Accounts

    The admins are busy with the new site. Once it's ready I think it'll be approved.
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    Updates, including rollbacks \ Apache success

    How about 403 errors? Hopefully it'll be fixed too. :D
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    after b from travelling my site become ERROR...ADMIN HELP!!

    Repair your database... If it fails fly a support ticket k?
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    after b from travelling my site become ERROR...ADMIN HELP!!

    Try repairing your SQL database from your Cpanel. If it fails, fly a support ticket.
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    A Problem

    Post a ticket in the Support Desk. :D
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    No Response

    Just be patient and wait. :)
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    cpanel problems?

    Try to login to your Account Panel and change your password from there.
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    All Sign-Ups Queued

    Permissions? You mean those that caused our 403 Forbiddens?
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    Domain not resolving

    You might want to try flushing your DNS cache.