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    My home page changed to "Apache WHM Great Success!"

    Dear Coray, I open my address in and I found this webpage instead of my homepage. Please inform me if you just deleted all my files? Also, I can't login to a cPanel. Regards, ================================================= Great Success ! Apache is working on...
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    My account suspended for unsupported language

    Dear x10hosting, I requested a help using x10hosting support tickets for some technical issue, but my account got suspended because my website use some of unsupported language. Actually, I am developing a multinational website where there are many languages beside English language. There...
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    Shared SSL coming next week.

    This is the best news I ever read, many thanks
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    Intermediate PHP Configuration not WORKING!!!

    Dear x10hosting admins, I need my account's PHP version to be changed to "Intermediate PHP Configuration" in order to allow my website to send emails to clients using mail() and allow my clients to upload their images too. When I continue the process give me an error: Quote...
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    Suspended Account

    Dear x10hosting, I was busy last weeks which keep me away from the desktop. Now, my account is suspended and I would like to unsuspend my account. Also, how can I set Automatic Unsuspension to YES, please? Sincerely,
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    i got paid with donkeymails

    Thank you a lot man. I will try it to earn money too