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    Urgent Monitor Help

    Could anyone plese help me? I just bought this expensive monitor and my stupid cousin ran his magnet over the screen. Now all the colors are distorted on the screen. Please help on how I could correct this. :dunno:
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    [REQ] IPB Mod Installs

    Hello everybody, I have an IPB 2.0 forum and require a Points and Store hack installed to my forum. Anyone one who does it will receive 1500 points. Please PM me or reply to this thread if interested. Thanks.
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    Domain not working

    My domain isnt working all of a sudden. Domain - account- un- bladex1 I've tried alll means, its parked correctly e.t.c. but it isnt working. Please help me :(
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    I just bought a lottery ticket and it now says that I've only 205 points with me, I had around 2200 and bought the 100 points lottery ticket. I'm confused :happysad:
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    Ad Code Question

    Is there any way I can integrate the x10 ad code into my Forum Header Banner, like here at x10? Thanks.
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    Ok, I'm seeming to have this problem as of late. When i go to my forums through my TLD and click on a thread, the url becomes Now I want it to be It was so on Vb but since I've moved to IPB, the problem's cropped up. Also...
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    I'm a bit new to this, so please help me. If I have a PSD of a Layout, and have configured the slice options and stuff, what do I do nest? Like in what format do I upload the file to my webspace? Thanks a lot.
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    [Off] 125 points

    Ok guys, my friend has started an image hosting website and he needs a tagline for it, sorta like x10hosting has Corp. free hosting for the masses. The site name is Blade iMaging. So please suggest some taglines here and if my friend likes them, I'll donate 125 points to the guy. Any other...
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    [OFF] 750 Points

    Ok, I need a custom template for my new website. It's a wrestling website, so ya. If I like the template and I use it, I'll ofer 750 points. It should be mainly white with an amalgam of other professional looking colors, thanks.
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    Ad Code Help

    Well, the page doesnt work so could someone tell me how to make a simple index page in which I can place the Advanced ad code (Also tell me how) and the text Forums Under Construction. Please help, much appreciated.
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    Need Image cut 35 Points!

    Ok, I need this image cut and I need the PSD after the image is cut. I'll offer 35 points if the cut is good and error free: This is the image. I need it asap. Thanks.
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    Rate please.

    Spent a while on this, pleased with the outcome though. Please rate:
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    Google Mishap

    Go to In the search box, type: Failure Click on I'm feeling lucky. loz :facesjump
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    [REQ] PHP Sig Script

    Ok, this is going to be hard explaining, but hey, I can atleast try: There are two forums, forum A and forum B. I own forum B and am a member at forum A. Now, can such a signature be prepared that in my sig at forum A, I can display up-to-date results of the statistics of my forum B, such as...
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    Question about emails

    I'm on a corporate account and I have 15 mails free. Now my question is that since I've parked the domain on my account If I make an email, say with the usename would mails work on ? Also, is there any way I...
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    Database Error

    Whenever I try to login to my forum, I get this: Any way to get around this? *Edited. Please don't post large picture. Attach them instead. -Bryon*
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    I've 2 serious problems here. I've a Vb Forum. One, my forum is running very slowly as of late, even though there are only 20 members or so. Also, Whenever I or any member posts on the forum, they get this message, and its annoying: Please help!
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    Important Question

    I was wondering if I could have a media forum on my forums where people could exchange media files. They could host the files on free servers like rapidshare, megaupload, yousendit e.t.c. and not on my account. Am I allowed? Thanks.
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    Cool Link

    Check this out, haha-
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    Domain Parking reqd.

    The domain is not working for my account(, I have the Nameservers pointing to here. The .be domain is working, could someone please look into this issue, thank you very much.