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  1. J

    Resolved Servers are currently having some work done

    Also seeing this error, and unsure how to check x?? I'm on...any advice would be great.
  2. J

    My site is still down

    I have similar problems with my x10 site. According to the Direct Admin I set to run version 7.3 but WordPress says I'm running version 5.5.38...why aren't these agreeing? Wordpress can't upgrade, and I also can run elementor because of this. Please help!
  3. J

    Migrated from another domain, now can't login :-(

    Hi, I migrated a mostly-complete wordpress site using all-in-one migration tool (supposed to be foolproof!) and now I can't seem to login under the username I registered here, or from my previously migrated site. Any help would be appreciated!