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    Disk Full on Absolut (FTP response: 552 Disk full - please upload later)

    Also cPanel appears to have been disabled: I appreciate you are probably aware, however as there was no information on the Status site ( I thought I'd post here in case you have some more information about the issue. Regards, Arite.
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    Site Not Accessible via HTTP (Get "Welcome to x10Hosting")

    Hi, My site is not accessible via HTTP. The only page is the standard "Welcome to x10Hosting" index page, so it's as if my site isn't being redirected properly? All the contents is accessible via cPanel and FTP. Also, the x10Hosting Status website (which I believe is just connected to a...
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    Disk Full on Starka (FTP Error 552)

    Actually it's probably to do with the current server moves. See here: Arite.
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    Disk Full on Starka (FTP Error 552)

    Still no change or information/status update after over three days since I opened the ticket :(. Arite.
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    Disk Full on Starka (FTP Error 552)

    The Starka server appears to have a full disk. When uploading via FTP I get: Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Critical file transfer error I've made a ticket, however no reply yet and wanted to know if others are having this issue etc. There is a separate thread about...