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    Please review

    Thank you Xmakina, although I didn't intend to sell the ad space, it is interesting to see who would be interested in buying.
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    Please review

    Thank you for your suggestions. I am going to introduce all of them. The home button and the header are the easiest. I will try to make the text more readable, but keep the old color palette. W3C and PR icons are here to fill the space, they will be replaced by some colorful ads soon. I will...
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    Please review

    After two months I have a basic shape of the site When you visit it, what kind of informations would you expect ? Shall there be more news, or blog with events added, or more practical informations ? Please share your thoughts.
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    How's This?

    You should check your code for errors with as it has some. You can also check how the page is viewed with different browsers , as I have a problem with reaching submenu after 'statiuni'. The pages need individual titles starting from say 'Vacante Calatorii' not...
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    My Site

    And the name is ...?
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    Review My Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can add some padding and margin for the text and the photos. I think that uploaded pictures need names of people who had uploaded them.That gives more personal image of happy customers, who are using the lights.
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    How is my website?

    Unlike verbsite I have no problems with menu, looks like we have different browsers.So this is important to optimize the pages for different viewers. I use for browsing mainly Firefox without Flash, there is nothing wrong with the Flash , but I have limited range connection ,Flash can easily eat...