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    Hey people this is sweet!!!!! Ya thats me the new guy!!

    Welcome.... I also use the free hosting and its great!
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    My New Chat-Room

    Nice site... Clean, fast, smooth. Good job.
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    Constructive Critisicm

    Site needs to be centered and the font on the side menu is too blurred. I can barely make out what it says.
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    Shooters Zone

    Sweet looking Site!
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    Review on Redesined Tweak2 please...

    Nice site... I agree with the other post... It needs a cool logo.
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    Is Starka Down?

    My site wont load.. I am on the Starka server. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a kick in the crotch. I insert a Rainbow.
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    Count to 1 Million

    Yeah its just easier to use the post #.... 2609
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    SpunChops 2.0

    For some reason the words are on top of the pics.... Im using firefox 3.6.10
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    Hi.... Im new but not really :)

    Thanks Everyone...
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    Hi.... Im new but not really :)

    Hi.... Ive had an account with x10 a few years ago... I really liked it so i signed up again this year.
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    Sorry, I didnt know where to post this.... Its just feedback, i wanted to know if everyone was slow or if it was just me. Thanks for your reply tho.
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    FTP Access is very slow today. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  14. D - Computer-pranks and fake viruses!

    I agree with him. The site is a great idea BUT its got way too many things going on. Choose a colour scheme and stick to it... Maybe black & red. For some reason when i think of a virus i think Black & Red... Just an opinion.
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    Important Poll

    Neither.... SiteSpinner.