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    Hosting question

    Not sure if I am posting in the right place to ask this question, but here goes. I already have hosting here but I am wanting to also do a page for my church. Is this allowed, having more than 1 account under my name? No one else knows the html to do it so it needs to be me doing it. Thanks!
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    Timestamp not displaying the correct time

    I recently installed Joomla and the timestamp is not keeping the correct time. I went in and changed the time zone in Joomla and still I'm having problems. I went to their forum and they suggested that the time stored on the server clock may be incorrect. And they told me to notify an...
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    Is this allowed?

    Is linking to music videos from Youtube allowed or not allowed? Thanks
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    Help with ads!!!

    Sorry I had to reopen. But I am still having problems with the ads, sometimes it will show and sometimes it won't. Are the ads just fickle? I don't want my site to be taken down. But I placed it at the top of my site with the title Advertisement in case it does not show. I can refresh the page...
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    Help with ads!!!

    Ok the upgrade worked but for some reason when I do it on "Banner" it does not show up, but when I do it on "Left" it does show up, but with it being a 468 x 60 banner it does not fit well on the setting "left". What should I do? Ok I found out that the problem is in the template and...
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    What would you improve?

    I would like to thank you for hosting. This place is pretty impressive. Hosting is free and it is far beyond anything that I would have expected to get in cpanel. The support is great so far, it seems like everyone is ontop of their game. I love how you can log into your own personal account and...
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    Help with ads!!!

    Not sure if I am posting in the correct place but here goes. I need help with installing ads in Joomla 1.5.7 I downloaded from this link as instructed from a post in this forum, I even made sure my permissions were set...