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    Site Down! wont open Says some dns error about how the site cannot be resolved. Please fix this up guys.
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    Cant resend cpanel pass

    hey guys, i forgot my cpanel pass and cant resend it as the option isnt available. please send me a new one to my set contact email.
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    Suspended has been suspended. Please tell me what the problem was mates and unsuspend the account. all required terms will be met as soon as account is unsuspended. Thanks
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    Account Suspended- Ad Pics Needed!

    Hey guys, i know my account was suspended since i didnt place the ad codes up but i am running php-nuke and cant find a block for the advanced plan. I have an idea in which i will put the banner on the top of the site as a hp-nuke banner but i need to visually see the...
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    Assistance 2 Slow

    Hey admins and mods. The reply rate is very slow here. i have used many hosts and this is by far the slowest. I applied for hosting 2 days before and it takes a day for a reply. so if your account went to pending it takes even longer. I think the problem is that all the account creators are in...