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    Review my Site - Creatable

    i like it nice simple website, but the only thing i didn't like was way the navigation bar jumps when your hover off the link, because when i went to hover on another link it kinda confused me a bit to what was happening
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    I cant log in to my account control panel

    When i hit the log in button it just does some loading and stops and refreshes the page. Like the image below, notice the mouse pointer when its loading. Im using Google Chrome if that has anything to do with it.
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    Please review this Site before I place a Domain Name.

    looks nice, you could slow down the image slides a bit on the home page , was trying to read the descriptions and it went off a bit to fast
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    Review my website

    Thanks for the tips there i have no idea why that page didnt work i re uploaded about 5 times then it started working so idk lol and which iframe are you talking bout because some are ads maybe you have an ad block lol
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    Problems with my .tk domain
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    [jQuery, CSS, HTML] On click dropdown menu help ?

    maybe try something like this <nav> <ul> <li id="button">Navigation</li> <ul id="list" class="hide"> <?php foreach ($navitems as $nav) { ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $nav['navigation_link']; ?>"><?php echo...
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    Problems with my .tk domain

    have you tried deleting that domain name then re creating it and when you create it put the name servers in?
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    Review my website check out the forums and main content, i appreciate any tips
  9. M please review

    hmm you should center you content up a bit