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  1. Dead-i

    Is Turkey banned from accessing my x10hosting site?

    Hi, We don't block access to your site from individual countries. We do block access to known spamming IPs, though. What error was your friend receiving?
  2. Dead-i

    Javascipt breaks page in WordPress with x10?

    Hi, Thanks! Please could I have a link to the page that's showing the Page Not Found error?
  3. Dead-i

    Javascipt breaks page in WordPress with x10?

    Hi, I can't find a hosting account linked to your forum account. :( Can you link them up? (Click "Support" in the top-right of the control panel, then "Visit Forums")
  4. Dead-i

    login to cpanel help

    Hi, If you need to give someone else access to your account, please consider giving them partial access by making a new FTP account from cPanel, or perhaps just give them access to some software installed on your account (e.g. if you're using WordPress, make a new WordPress user for them). We...
  5. Dead-i

    Please unmetered disk space

    Hi, I have upgraded your account for unmetered disk space :)
  6. Dead-i

    Can i request for More Disk space please :)

    Hi, Your account needs to be using at least 50% of the current disk space limit in order to be upgraded. Please let me know once you're using 256MB, and I'll upgrade it. :)
  7. Dead-i

    How to Activate a Wrongfully Suspended Account?

    Hi, Your account looks to be active, and your website is loading fine. You were likely unable to sign-in due to an issue with the login form, which has now been fixed.
  8. Dead-i

    Unable to login or retrieve account.

    Hi, So sorry for the trouble, everyone. This has now been fixed, and we're looking into what happened. Please try signing in at
  9. Dead-i

    An error has occurred processing your request.

    Hi, So sorry for the delay. This issue has now been resolved, and you should be able to sign-in now. Please ensure you sign in at as direct cPanel logins will not keep your account active. @soundlex I have manually unsuspended your account; please sign in as...
  10. Dead-i

    cannot access my account

    Hi, This issue has now been resolved. We're looking into what happened and taking steps to make sure it can't occur again. Please continue to sign in at
  11. Dead-i

    Can not login into my account

    Hi, This has now been fixed; please sign in through
  12. Dead-i

    Can't login

    Hi, Please try again now; this issue has now been resolved. :)
  13. Dead-i

    A Fix for the Current 'Sign In' Error

    Hi, This has now been resolved. :) If you signed in directly to cPanel (through port 2083), please make sure you continue to sign in at to keep your account active.
  14. Dead-i

    CName forwarding from Godaddy to x10host

    Hi, Sorry, but please could you let me know what your .com domain is? Feel free to private message it to me if you want.
  15. Dead-i

    Cache did not update after a week

    Hi, Can you give me a link to the page that is loading the old content? Varnish should stop caching the content as of the next time it has to fetch your webpage.
  16. Dead-i


    Hi, Please try using your domain name as the FTP "host", and "hacktea2" as the username, and the same password as the one you use to sign in to cPanel.
  17. Dead-i

    cloudflare flexible ssl error

    Hi, Please can I have a link to the page showing that? Make sure you have SSL set to "Flexible" on CloudFlare's end, and not "Full SSL".
  18. Dead-i

    Can i request for More Disk space please :)

    Hi, You would need to own an account for more than 7 days to qualify for unmetered disk space. :)
  19. Dead-i

    "This website is not properly configured"

    Hi, I've fixed a problem that was causing this on xo3. :) Please let me know if you have any other problems.
  20. Dead-i

    Cron Jobs

    Hi, Yes; you can configure Cron Jobs by switching to the cPanel x3 theme and then going to the Cron Job tab but please remember you cannot run more than 1 job in 5 minutes. The line you pasted would run every 1 minute; please change it to every 5 minutes when you're adding your cron job, or it...